Precious Life mark 4 year anniversary of abortion in Northern Ireland

  • Precious Life mark 4 year anniversary of abortion in Northern Ireland
  • Precious Life mark 4 year anniversary of abortion in Northern Ireland

Precious Life assembled at Stormont (Thursday 28 March) for a poignant display of baby shoes in remembrance of 7,681 lives lost to abortion. The pro-life group said the latest figure for abortions in Northern Ireland is “shocking and horrific” and accused the political parties in Stormont that support abortion of being “complicit in the deaths of these babies”.


The Northern Ireland Department of Health admitted they killed 7,681 babies in the womb since March 2020. The figure was obtained in response to a question to the NI Health Minister from Jim Allister MLA of the TUV. 

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, “As we approach the 4 year anniversary of legalised abortion in Northern Ireland, this poignant display of baby shoes serves as a powerful reminder of the devastating toll of the legislation imposed on Northern Ireland by the Westminster Government in March 2020. Each pair of shoes, with a name attached, symbolizes the life of a precious child lost to abortion.

“One death by abortion is one too many, but 7,681 little babies killed by a so-called department of 'health' is both shocking and horrific. The Westminster Government inflicted this carnage on Northern Ireland through their 'Section 9' legislation, which was supported by SDLP, Sinn Fein, Alliance Party, Green Party, PeopleBeforeProfit, and other pro-abortion Assembly Members. They are all complicit in the deaths of these babies.”

She added, “With a General Election expected this year, Precious Life's VOTE FOR LIFE Campaign will expose these political parties that support the killing of 7,681 babies. This is like the population of a town the size of Newcastle, Co. Down being wiped out. The number of babies killed by abortion in Northern Ireland in only 4 years is now more than double the number of people killed during 30 years of the Troubles.”

Bernadette Smyth concluded, “We call on the pro-life people of Northern Ireland to lobby their elected representatives, especially in the run up to the next election, and demand they end this slaughter of our babies. Precious Life will never let the killing of these babies be forgotten. Our 'REPEAL SECTION 9 CAMPAIGN' will continue until full legal protection is restored once again to every unborn baby in Northern Ireland.”









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