'The people of Northern Ireland will always make their vote count for unborn children’

Precious Life welcomes the fourteen newly elected Westminster MPs who will uphold the right to life of unborn children at the Westminster Parliament. We would like to congratulate these fourteen pro-life politicians and thank everyone who helped with our Every Vote Counts Campaign. We especially want to congratulate the newly elected Gavin Robinson who won back the DUP seat from the pro-abortion Alliance party’s Naomi Long and to congratulate Tom Elliot who took over the Fermanagh and South Tyrone seat. Both have reassured us that they will stand up for unborn children at Westminster. The results of the 2015 Westminster Election clearly show that the people of Northern Ireland voted pro-life!

The pro-life majority of Northern Ireland never waste an opportunity to use their vote to protect the voiceless. Precious Life launched the Every Vote Counts Campaign with advertisements in all the leading newspapers, distributed over 100,000 leaflets throughout the six counties informing the public of parties’ and candidates’ positions on abortion, and made 1st May a Red Letter Day for unborn children. On this day, voters bombarded individual candidates by phone, email, Facebook and Twitter to ask them if they would defend the right to life of all unborn children at Westminster. Precious Life held demonstrations outside Sinn Fein’s and the Alliance party’s head quarters and presented an open letter to the DUP’s Peter Robinson asking that his party keep their pro-life manifesto.

Precious Life would especially like to thank all the Precious Life volunteers who sacrificed their time to distribute leaflets. All our hard work has paid off with fourteen of the eighteen elected politicians pledging to uphold the rights of unborn children.

Bernadette Smyth, the director of Precious Life, said: “The Westminster Parliament is the most pro-abortion government in Europe, sanctioning the killing of over 200,000 unborn children every year, 600 every day. Today, the election results make clear that the people of Northern Ireland will always make their vote count for unborn children. Without the right to life, all other political promises are meaningless. We trust that our fourteen pro-life politicians at Westminster will keep their promise and do everything they can protect mothers and their unborn children in Northern Ireland and in the rest of the UK.”

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