ITV’s Loose Women Visibly Stunned by BPAS Chief Ann Furedi's Extreme Abortion Agenda

  • Actress Denise Van Outen was noticeably shaken
  • BPAS Chief Ann Furedi
  • Loose Women - Tuesday August 15th

Even so-called ‘progressive’ Brits were stunned watching Ann Furedi, Head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) excuse abortion on the basis of the baby’s sex on ITV’s Loose Women today.

In addition to this, a ruthless Ms. Furedi also advocated for the scrapping of the current 24 week abortion limit and promoted abortion, the deliberate killing of an innocent child, as a simple back-up to failed contraception. What made Furedi’s appearance on the show most chilling was perhaps fundamentally the manner in which she openly called the abortion victim the ‘baby’ as opposed to using common pro-abortion euphemisms, such as the ‘fetus’ or a ‘clump of cells’.

The show, a firm fixture at the heart of daytime television, isn’t exactly renowned for being the most socially conservative programme on TV. However, it was hard for panellists to hide their shock and disdain at the extremity conveyed by Ms Furedi, a guest on the show this afternoon. Furedi, the Chief Executive of BPAS, the leading abortion provider in England, Scotland and Wales, sent shockwaves across the studio as she advocated for extreme and limitless abortion proposals, stating that abortion should be allowed up to birth, including if the baby’s a girl rather than a boy.

Furedi has drawn attention in the past due to her unequivocal view that abortion is the necessary back-up for failed contraception; it is indeed interesting that the head of the UK’s largest abortion provider openly admits that contraception does not prevent abortion. The myth that contraception is necessary to prevent abortion is commonly used by those who support abortion, yet Furedi understands that this is far from the case.

What we now know of course, following the advent of contraception in the 1960s, is that contraception has pathed the way for abortion. In a society where contraception is king, it is often difficult to admit that the contraceptive mentality and culture have created the need for abortion. Because of contraception, we now have a lucrative abortion industry, and it is illuminating that the giants of the industry such as Ann Furedi have no choice but to admit this.

[Ms Furedi] believes abortion should be seen as any other form of family planning,” host Christine Lampard explained as she introduced the controversial BPAS boss.

What would you like to see change?” Mrs Lampard asked her.

Out of the around 70,000 women we see every year – about half of them have been let down by their method of contraception. So what we’re saying is that abortion is, for many, many women – a back-up to their existing method of contraception.” Furadi expressed the chilling view that we need to move forward as a society and remove any stigma attached to abortion. Essentially, she argued that abortion needs to be widely viewed as and used as a form of contraception for when other forms such as the pill, fail.

Women need it to be a back-up and we should really just be honest about it, and stop making women feel as though they failed, when really it’s their contraception that’s let them down.”

Gloria Hunniford, the veteran panellist, sharply responded almost instantly to the BPAS boss, telling her, “You see, the mere fact that you’ve said that, in a way, sends the message out to young people that, ‘Look, it kind of doesn’t really matter if you get pregnant, you can always get an abortion, get rid of the baby.’” A clearly emotive Hunniford expressed her disdain for the casual way Ann Furedi talked about the inhumane procedure, saying, "And I personally think that is a shocking message to send out.”

43-year-old actress Denise Van Outen joined panellists Christine Lampard, Coleen Nolan and Gloria Hunniford as Tuesday’s guest, and she became visibly choked up when Ms Furedi rationalised the targeting of baby girls through abortion as nothing more than ‘the woman’s choice.’ Van Outen challenged Furedi on whether abortion was acceptable on the grounds of gender – and became visibly upset, shaking her head in disbelief – with Furedi’s laissez-faire answer that it’s “always down to the woman.”

The head of Britain’s largest abortion provider wasn’t shy in additionally expressing her extreme view that the current 24 week limit on UK abortion should be completely removed. 77-year-old Gloria Hunninford quickly came to the defence of little babies born just outside the current abortion time limit, referring to her own step-granddaughter. Despite being born at just over 24 weeks, and given a poor prognosis, Hunninford’s step-granddaughter is now “a strapping young woman, and a nurse.” Hunninford defiantly told Furedi, "You're never going to persuade me that a baby in that 24-25 week period isn't a lovely little person." “If you’ve ever been to a [premature] unit in a hospital, you will see those little babies fighting for their lives,” she concluded.

All of the Loose Women were perceptibly uncomfortable with the callous suggestion that abortion should be allowed up to birth, which would become a reality if abortion were to be decriminalised. Ms Furedi did not even attempt to deny the reality of the humanity of the unborn child, using the term “the baby” throughout her nine minute appearance, and even said that a woman at 24 weeks can feel the baby moving inside her.

Ms Furedi also used the opportunity to target pro-life laws in Northern Ireland, currently safeguarding mothers and babies here. Entirely neglecting the concept of compassion for the child, she stated that women should be in complete control to decide whether to have an abortion up to the moment of birth, arguing that politicians should have virtually no part in a woman’s decision.

“I think Northern Ireland is a very good example, where their politics says that women can’t have abortions; that it’s wrong, so what happens is that they come to our clinics.”

In light of Ms Furedi’s exteme and extraordinary views, which are clearly out of step with those of the UK public [who wish to see the UK abortion limit lowered], the question must be raised: should BPAS be receiving NHS funds to perform abortions at all?

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