The People Of Ireland Unite At DUBLIN RALLY To Say “SAVE THE CHILD - SAVE THE 8TH”

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life say they expect 100,000 people to march through Dublin city centre tomorrow for the special “Rally to Save the 8th.” The pro-life group has co-ordinated buses from towns all across Northern Ireland travelling to the Rally on Saturday 10th March at 2.00pm. Precious Life say the Irish government must heed the message sent out from the Rally – “Save the Child, Save the 8th.”


The Rally has been organised by a coalition of pro-life groups to support keeping the 8th Amendment - Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution – which acknowledges the right to life of unborn children and guarantees that the State must defend that right in law. A referendum to keep or repeal the 8th Amendment is expected to take place in late May.


Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “This Rally will give people a unique opportunity before the referendum to show their united opposition to abortion and send out a clear message to the Irish government that we want our unborn children and their mothers protected.”


She added, “Last year’s ‘All Ireland Rally for Life’ saw 80,000 people take to the streets of Dublin calling for the protection of unborn babies from abortion. But this special ‘Rally to Save the 8th’ on Saturday 10th March is the most urgent ‘All Ireland Rally for Life’ since it was first held in 2007. Thousands of people have made a special effort to attend tomorrow. We have co-ordinated all the coaches leaving from various towns across Northern Ireland. We expect to see the figure for this Rally to rise above 100,000 with pro-life people from across Ireland coming together in support of protecting unborn babies and their mothers.”


Mrs Smyth explained, “Ireland is truly at a point of decision in her history. The pro-abortion government is forcing this referendum in an attempt to repeal the only remaining legal protection for unborn children in Ireland.  A repeal of the 8th Amendment will leave unborn children completely at the mercy of pro-abortion politicians – now and in years to come. A ruling by the Irish Supreme Court on Wednesday said that unborn babies in Ireland have no other constitutional rights except the right to life stated clearly in the 8th Amendment.”


Bernadette Smyth concluded, “The pro-life people of Ireland will never weaken in protecting and cherishing babies and their mothers. But a repeal of the 8th Amendment would completely strip Irish unborn children of their last remaining right – the right to life itself. This would mean a child in her mother’s womb could be killed at any time during pregnancy - right up until the moment of birth. This is the frightening, stark and extreme reality of repealing the 8th Amendment. This is why, to save the child - we must save the 8th!”


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