TAKE ACTION: Tell your SDLP political representatives to uphold their party's pro-life position


Have the SDLP CHANGED their position on abortion?

Date: 10th April 2018

Tell your SDLP political representatives to uphold their party's pro-life position

In a deeply worrying development, SDLP Councillors in Belfast City Hall voted yesterday (9th April) to “decriminalise abortion” in Northern Ireland. The pro-abortion motion was proposed by members of Sinn Fein and Alliance and supported by the SDLP Councillors. The motion was carried with 34 voting in favour, 15 against and five abstentions. [See: https://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/crime/council-calls-for-decriminalisation-of-women-who-abort-using-pills-1-8451835]

This motion is part of a bigger campaign by pro-abortionists for the complete erosion of our laws that protect unborn children in Northern Ireland. ‘Decriminalising’ abortion in reality means legalising abortion - on demand, for any reason, right up to the very moment of birth. In Britain last year, over 190,000 babies were killed through legalised abortion. These babies were not statistics, they were future mothers, sisters and daughters.

This vote supporting the motion follows the announcement by SDLP Party leader Colum Eastwood to hold a conference in May to discuss the party's stance on abortion. Mr Eastwood said some party members had raised the issue of being allowed to vote with their conscience on abortion.

The SDLP always said they are a pro-life party. But have they already activated a new party policy without informing party members and their electorate? Can we continue trust the SDLP now to uphold the right to life?

The SDLP claim they are “..the party of civil rights..” and are “..working for an Ireland free from prejudice and injustice..”
But killing a child in the womb is worst form of prejudice and injustice.  Abortion denies a person the prerequisite of every civil and human right – the right to life itself. There is no greater injustice than the taking of innocent human life through the violence of abortion.

The SDLP claim they will “..build a better Ireland where we truly cherish all the children of the nation equally..” But all the children of the nation include the unborn children of Ireland.How does ‘decriminalising abortion’ cherish these children equally? Are there any other crimes against children that the SDLP would vote to decriminalise? If not – then why have they discriminated against unborn children?

The SDLP claim they want this generation and “…those that will follow..” to live in an Ireland that stands out as a beacon of hope for peace and human rights.
But “those that will follow” are our future unborn children. How can Ireland be a beacon of hope for peace and human rights for them, if killing “those that will follow” is not a crime? The SDLP have to make a clear unequivocal statement that their vision of peace, justice, and human and civil rights for all, includes our unborn children. If they won’t do this - they stand guilty of downright hypocrisy!

These developments are very disconcerting and require our immediate, pro-active response. As a matter of urgency we urge you to contact your SDLP MLA's and Councillors and ask them to reaffirm their pro-life stance and continue to uphold the civil and human rights of our unborn children.

For contact details, click on http://www.sdlp.ie/people/ or http://www.sdlp.ie/about/contact-us/ for details of your SDLP representatives.

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