SDLP will commit "political suicide" if they support abortion


SDLP will commit “political suicide” if they support abortion 

Date: 10th April 2018

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life has criticised the SDLP for voting in support of a pro-abortion motion in Belfast City Council to “decriminalise abortion” (Monday 9th April.) The motion was proposed by members of Sinn Fein and Alliance Party, and supported by the SDLP Councillors. The motion was carried with 34 voting in favour, 15 against and five abstentions. Precious Life said the SDLP will commit “political suicide” if they change their pro-life party policy. The pro-life group has now launched a campaign urging SDLP voters to contact the party and challenge them on their stance to abortion.

This vote supporting the motion follows the announcement last week by SDLP Party leader Colum Eastwood to hold a conference in May to discuss the party's stance on abortion. Mr Eastwood said some party members had raised the issue of being allowed to vote with their conscience on abortion.

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said, “These are deeply worrying developments. The SDLP have always said they are a pro-life party. Thousands of people across Northern Ireland vote for the party because of their pro-life stance. But now it seems they have activated a new party policy without informing party members or their electorate. Can SDLP voters continue to trust the Party to uphold the right to life? The Party will commit political suicide if they change their policy and support abortion.”

Mrs Smyth added, “This motion is part of a bigger campaign by pro-abortionists for the complete erosion of our laws that protect unborn children in Northern Ireland.  ‘Decriminalising’ abortion in reality means legalising abortion - on demand, for any reason, right up to the very moment of birth.”

Bernadette Smyth concluded, “These developments are very concerning and require our immediate, pro-active response. As a matter of urgency we have launched a Campaign urging SDLP voters and the pro-life people of Northern Ireland to contact the Party and ask them to reaffirm their pro-life stance and continue to uphold the civil and human rights of our unborn children.”


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