ACTION ALERT: Contact your SDLP politicians today!


Date: 15h May 2018


Precious Life are renewing calls for the pro-life majority in Northern Ireland to contact their local SDLP MLA's before Saturday to urge them to continue to protect women and babies in Northern Ireland from abortion. Precious Life say that the battle to remove Northern Ireland's protection for the unborn has "accelerated" and the SDLP will be holding a special conference this Saturday (19th May 2018) to review the party's position on abortion.

Party leader Colum Eastwood said there were no plans to change the SDLP's pro-life stance. However he said some party members had raised the issue of being allowed to vote with their conscience on the issue. Mr Eastwood said the conference would take place ahead of May's referendum on abortion laws in the Republic of Ireland.  'Holding a discussion on a freedom of conscience vote was the right thing to do,' Mr Eastwood told BBC Northern Ireland's The View programme.

"What we are talking about and what is up for discussion is the issue around conscience. Can we allow people to have that option of a moral conscience? That is the discussion across every political party in Ireland - so it would be strange for us not to have that discussion," Mr Eastwood said.

This news is disconcerting and requires our immediate pro-active response urgently. The SDLP have always been a pro-life party, who have from their foundation affirmed the human rights of both mother and child. The party itself was born out of the civil rights movement, and has always viewed abortion as a crucial human rights issue. 

The SDLP claim: 'As The party of civil rights, the SDLP is working for an Ireland free from poverty, prejudice and injustice.' If they are to uphold this mission in Northern Ireland, they will continue to recognise that there is no injustice on this world greater than the taking of innocent human life through the violence of abortion. The most prejudiced thing we can do in our society today is stripping the most vulnerable person, the preborn baby, of their inherent human right to life. As a pro-life party from their foundation, it is crucial that the SDLP's pro-life stance is reaffirmed and their commitment to protecting all human life, regardless of external pressure, is made completely clear. We are asking the SDLP's MLA's and councillors to continue to uphold the civil rights of the unborn.

Please find details of your SDLP representatives at the link below and get in contact with them today to play your part in ensuring babies throughout Northern Ireland get the protection they deserve! 

Yours in life,

The Precious Life Communications Team


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