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We had an incredibly successful two weeks promoting the new, revolutionary, pro-life and pro-woman film ‘HUSH’. The screening events in Derry, Belfast and Dungannon were very well-attended from people of all different ages and backgrounds.


Medical professionals were present at the Derry event, who are now deeply interested in sharing this powerful, truthful documentary film to their colleagues and patients.


At the Belfast event, the Precious Life and Stanton Healthcare teams were joined by Denise Mountenay, a pro-life activist who was involved in the making of ‘HUSH’. The room was so packed that we even had to bring in more rows of chairs for everyone.


Denise spoke powerfully about her own experience of rape, teenage pregnancy and multiple abortions. For the past 30 years, Denise has been instrumental in raising awareness of the detrimental effects of abortion on women.


‘HUSH’ is an eye-opening revelation for anyone who would think that abortion was beneficial or compassionate to women. This documentary exposes the severe damage that abortion causes women, including breast cancer, cervical damage which results in subsequent pre-term births, infertility, and mental health issues. The scientific evidence proves that abortion is not a “safe” surgical practice. The film covers all the research that reveals an 81% increase in mental health issues in post-abortive women; premature births following abortion; and over 100 peer-reviewed papers revealing the direct link between abortion and breast cancer risk.


At this time when there is a major push to legalise abortion in Ireland – North and South - this ground-breaking film will significantly change hearts and minds. Without abortion, women and babies in Ireland are safer. There are over 100,000 people alive today today because of our life-saving, pro-woman and pro-child laws. Our laws matter because every life matters.


The ‘HUSH’ documentary must be seen by students, medical and legal professionals, legislators and politicians, and indeed everyone involved in this greatest human rights battle of our generation.

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