Irish Abortion Referendum result marks “most tragic day in Irish History”

Official Statement from Precious Life on the Irish Abortion Referendum result:

“Precious Life says result of Irish Abortion Referendum marks "most tragic day in Irish History"
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Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life have said that the result of the Irish Referendum on abortion is "heartbreaking". The pro-life group said the result of 66% in favour of abortion marks the "most tragic day in Irish history." But Precious Life say the result will only spur them on to up the battle to protect Northern Ireland's unborn children.

The referendum was on repealing or keeping the ‘8th Amendment’ of the Irish Constitution, which acknowledges the right to life of unborn children.

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth said, “Ireland has had more than its fair share of tragedy, but the 'Yes to abortion' result of this referendum marks the most tragic day in Irish history. The Irish Government will now be quick to enact laws that will permit the killing of Irish babies."

"However the fact remains that every unborn child still has the right to life. Yesterday the Irish State acknowledged the right to life of those who are 'alive but not yet born.' Today the State does not acknowledge that right. But the Constitution did not 'give' this right to unborn children. Every person's life to life is inherent, regardless of what corrupt laws the State may enact."

She added “The 66% of people who voted 'Yes' in the referendum fell for the lies and fake news. They were never going to hear the truth from a biased media and corrupt politicians. Even internet giants like Facebook and Google banned free speech by blocking pro-life ads relating to the referendum."

"The horrifying reality now is that from Donegal to Kerry, from Galway to Dublin, from Cork to Wexford, from Wicklow to Monaghan, there will be streets in Ireland with 'medical waste' bins filled with the mutilated bodies of little Irish babies. But Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris, Mary Lou McDonald, and the other corrupt politicians who campaigned for a Yes vote; organisations like Amnesty; and Facebook and Google, will ensure that these bins filled with dead babies are kept behind closed doors, hidden from all those who believed their lies and voted 'Yes' to abortion."

Mrs Smyth said the referendum result will now spur on Precious Life to up the battle to protect Northern Ireland's unborn children.

“Northern Ireland is now the beacon of hope to the pro-life movement around the world," she said.

"Before the official results were even announced, the pro-abortionists were baying for the blood of Northern Ireland's unborn children. But we will not stand idly by in Northern Ireland and let pro-abortion groups, in collusion with pro-abortion politicians, try to legalise the killing of our unborn children by attacking our pro-life laws."

Bernadette Smyth concluded, “The result of the Referendum is heartbreaking but the battle continues. This referendum result will only spur on Precious Life to up the battle to protect unborn babies under threat of abortion. We will continue fighting in Northern Ireland for the right to life of unborn babies - on the streets, in the courts, and in government. Precious Life will always be a voice for the unborn child when and wherever their lives are in danger."

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