Beautiful baby Theo: the UK’s smallest baby boy born weighing 12 ounces, same as coke can

Beautiful baby Theo, now almost six months old, was born at just 26 weeks and five days and was smaller than his Dad’s hand. He is believed to be the smallest newborn to survive in the UK since Aaliyah Hart, now 15, was born at 12oz in May 2003. Theo survived against all odds and is now at home with his Mum and Dad, Katie and Jay.

After the 19-week scan, it was revealed that Theo was smaller than expected and, later, that he had stopped growing. His parents were pressured into an abortion up until the day before Theo was born. Speaking of the medical team, Theo’s Dad said that they were “good and helpful, but right up until the day before he was born, we were offered an abortion.” The lucrative abortion industry kills beautiful babies, perfect human beings like Theo in the name of healthcare yet real healthcare saves lives. Real healthcare does not kill.

Theo’s parents could not have their beautiful baby boy dismembered and killed, despite “hearing all the time that he wasn’t going to make it”, they told themselves that “he’s made it this far, let’s just support him.” They remained “so positive and kept saying that we would fight for him.” Parents, like Katie and Jay, in crisis pregnancies need all the love, compassion and support society can provide them with. We must eliminate the crisis and never the child – every life is worth fighting for. Theo was worth fighting for.

Dad Jay added: “I had never ever seen a baby that small – I didn’t know babies could be that small. The doctor said he was about the weight of a can of Coke, but even when I picked up a can, it felt heavier than Theo.” Size doesn’t determine human value and Theo, despite being the UK’s smallest baby boy born, has as much right to life as any other person in our world.

The chances of survival for a 400g (just over 14oz) baby boy is around 25% and surviving without moderate to severe brain damage is around 7%. However, Theo “is proving everyone wrong. The doctors that first looked after him came in over the weeks to see him and could not believe how well he was doing.” Theo is living proof that medical predictions aren’t always accurate and every baby must be given his or her chance to life. We must be providing real, life-affirming healthcare, love and support for families at every stage of pregnancy – like Stanton Healthcare Belfast - we must love and protect both.

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