Pro-life majority forced abortion clause to be dropped in Guatemala

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Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Guatemala to defeat the abortion clause that would allow abortion in certain circumstances up to at least 12 weeks. By 12 weeks, the unborn child has all bodily organs functioning. That baby has eyes, nose, fingers, and toes, even knuckle creases and eyelashes. By 12 weeks, the baby in the womb is a fully formed human being that just needs time to grow. 

Last month, pro-lifers celebrated as a bill to legalise abortion was rejected by the senate of Argentina.  However, in Guatemala, it didn't even come to a vote, as pressure from the pro-life majority forced women's groups to drop a clause that would legalise abortion in certain circumstances.


Defending “human life and the laws of our country”


Guatemala has strongly opposed any moves to impose abortion-on-demand. Last year, the military blocked a Dutch ship distributing illegal abortion pills, saying it would defend "human life and the laws of our country". Similarly, Westminster must respect our democratic process in Northern Ireland and the fact that abortion is a devolved issue and thus legislation regarding abortion is only for Stormont to deal with. Furthermore, pro-abortion groups illegally distributing abortion pills in Northern Ireland should think twice considering their illegality and the dangers the have – they kill babies and have detrimental effects on women.

On Sunday 20,000 people took to the streets in protest of the bill and in support of protecting the lives of mothers and their babies. The fight around the most fundamental, universal human right to life for the unborn is continuing across the world but the victory in Guatemala and the recent victory in Argentina shows that a united pro-life movement can be enough to protect unborn children and their mothers from the barbarity, destruction and death of abortion.

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