Emma Watson pens an open, pro-abortion letter to Savita Halappanavar

English actress and so-called feminist Emma Watson has penned an open, pro-abortion letter to Savita Halappanavar, whose death in 2012 is continually being utilised as pro-abortion propaganda.

Watson is yet another celebrity to buy into the pro-abortion propaganda. The 3 separate, unbiased inquests and reports into Savita's death - including the HSE and HIQA reports – reveal that Savita tragically died because of mistreatment of sepsis and medical negligence.

Following Savita’s death, there were 9 medical professionals disciplined. Savita’s family sued the hospital and not the state - it had nothing to do with abortion or the 8th amendment. Abortion isn't and never will be a cure for blood poisoning. Emma Watson is being paid to advocate for the killing of millions of Irish babies. Real feminists honour the bodies of women and the bodies of the female babies in the womb.

The 8th protected both and women were never denied life-saving treatment because of the 8th. Real healthcare save lives, real compassion doesn't kill and real feminists don't agree with abortion. Abortion kills babies and hurts, damages and even kills women.

Furthermore, Watson is calling for a change to our pro-life, life-saving laws in Northern Ireland. This is coming from someone who grew up in a country that has killed over 9 million babies since the introduction of the Abortion Act in 1967. 90% of babies with Down’s syndrome are killed in England through the lucrative, bloodthirsty abortion industry, Marie Stopes.

Northern Ireland is an example to the rest of the UK of a place that protects the right to life of every person – born and unborn – in law, policy and practice. We have respect for every human life.  Our laws matter because EVERY life matter. We support women with real, life-affirming healthcare, love and support. Abortion has detrimental effect on the health of pregnant women – physically, mentally and emotionally. The North protects mother and babies. We will continue to keep abortion not only illegal but unthinkable.

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