Erin shares powerful, resilient story with the world of her, and long-term boyfriend Jamie, dealing with their unborn baby girl Freya's life-limiting condition

We thank the beautiful and brave Erin, and her boyfriend Jamie, for sharing their heartbreaking yet life-affirming story about handling the diagnosis of anacephaly, a life-limiting condition, of their unborn baby daughter, Freya.  


Erin hopes her decision and her story will raise awareness of this incurable condition and save lives, "My baby won't survive after birth but I can't bear to have an abortion."


Erin O'Hara (24) from Limavady said she was advised at least twice to abort her unborn baby girl, who has untreatable anencephaly, but she could not countenance the idea, "We want this wee baby more than anything in the world and we will love this wee baby, no matter what."


There is no doubt the next fews months will be incredibly difficult and heartbreaking for this young couple. However, abortion would cause even more trauma and hurt. Abortion was never an option or consideration for Erin and Jamie McCormick (23), Erin's partner of almost four years, "There was no decision to make." Erin said her and Jamie had planned on having a child together and she said that neither of them could bear to end the pregnancy.


Perinatal Hospice Care is the progressive, compassionate and caring solution for pregnancies, like Erin's, in which the unborn baby is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition. It gives parents the opportunity to spend precious time with their sick baby in order to help with their loss and grief. Erin and Jamie have received a lot of care, love and support from the group Every Life Counts and the couple have organised a baby shower in aid of the Dublin-based charity.


We really appreciate Erin sharing her story with us and now the whole world through the Belfast Telegraph. We appreciate Erin's bravery at this incredibly difficult time for herself, Jamie and all their families and friends, "It's not only my pregnancy, it's Freya's and her daddy's too."


The majority of unborn babies with life-limiting conditions aren't diagnosed until after the 20 week scan. Sometimes, but very rarely, a life-limiting condition can be discovered at the 12 week scan. By 10 weeks, unborn babies are fully formed with everything present from eyelashes to knuckle creases, all bodily organs are functioning and the baby can make bodily movements. The clear humanity of these beautiful, sadly ill babies, cannot de denied, "I feel Freya roll and kick inside me all the time, reminding me that she's very much alive."



Thank you so much to Erin, Jamie and all their relatives and friends for sharing with us this remarkable story of love along with pain. We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. The memories you share together will be remembered and cherished forever in honour and memory of baby Freya. 



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