Precious Life respond to ‘celebrity’ pro-abortion letter PR stunt

Precious Life respond to ‘celebrity’ pro-abortion letter PR stunt

Precious Life today responded to a new letter signed by over 60 so-called ‘celebrity’ women calling on Theresa May to decriminalise Northern Ireland’s abortion laws. The letter comes as part of a concerted and ferocious campaign to erode NI’s legal protection for the unborn, and decriminalisation would plainly mean making abortion legal for any reason up to and including the moment of birth.

These signatories may be so-called ‘celebrities’, yet this in no way imbues them with the right to try and  railroad over Northern Ireland’s democratic process which has for years upheld the rights of unborn babies in the womb. Precious Life Director Bernadette Smyth this evening slammed the latest PR stunt on the abortion lobby: “This letter represents a shrewd disrespect for the people of Northern Ireland, the majority of whom repeatedly voted for pro-life politicians. It also illustrates an unacceptable and totally audacious disregard for the principles of devolution. “

“Abortion is a devolved matter in Northern Ireland, and we as a province are the most recent part of the UK to vote on abortion – and ultimately, we overwhelmingly rejected the cruel and inhumane practise that has torn away at the moral fabric of Britain and other countries with permissive abortion laws. Abortion is and always will be a backwards and barbaric answer to pregnancy no matter where it takes place."


“It is also important to note that the signatories of this letter are going entirely against women’s rights, ignoring point blank the regressive truth that over half of babies killed in abortion are girls. It’s also saddening to think that for all their talk of women’s rights and progress, this letter leaves in the dark the thousands of women throughout Britain who have had their lives ruined by abortion. In advocating for the introduction of abortion on demand, these ‘celebrities’ ignore the mounting and comprehensive evidence that abortion hurts women. They wilfully choose to turn a blind eye to the exploitation women face at the hands of the British abortion industry every day, an industry which is knee-deep in allegations of unsafe, unethical practises,” said Bernadette Smyth.

“Quite frankly, these so-called ‘celebrities’ (virtually none of whom are even from Northern Ireland) need to butt out of Northern Ireland’s affairs and let our democratically elected representatives do the jobs which we have elected them to do, one of which is to protect the most vulnerable and defenceless in our society. These people have no superior standing or moral authority over anyone else – and we certainly do not need or want them forcing their extreme abortion agenda on the people of Northern Ireland.”

“It’s 2018 and the women of Northern Ireland deserve better than abortion. They do not deserve ‘celebrities’ dictating to them that they must kill their children to achieve their dreams, careers and goals. That is not progress. That is not real compassion.” Bernadette Smyth concluded.

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