Profit before People

Kitty Holland - daughter of pro-abortion politician, Eamonn McCann of People before Profit - is suing pro-life hero John Waters for exposing her lies about Savita Halappanavar.
The 3 separate, unbiased reports - including the HIQA and the HSE - into Savita's death expose she tragically died from medical negligence and mistreatment of sepsis. 9 medical professionals were disciplined. Her death had nothing to do with abortion or the 8th amendment. If it had been an issue with the 8th amendment, Savita's family would have sued the state instead of the hospital. It took these medical professionals 5 days to diagnose her septicaemia.
Abortion isn't and never will be a cure for blood poisoning. Furthermore, even if Savita did get a late-term abortion, it would have taken at least 2-3 days to prepare her. Late-term abortions can never be done in an emergency situation. 
Abortion is not healthcare. Real healthcare saves lives. Dr John Monaghan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with over 30 years experience, stated, "The 8th amendment never prevented me from protecting a woman's life or health in pregnancy. Abortion ends lives. It is not healthcare."  
Thank you to John Waters for his bravery for the pro-life cause. He courageously and relentlessly stood for life. He was a voice for every Irish person - born and preborn. We stand with him for exposing pro-abortion lies and propaganda, "Repeal means kill. Repeal means murder. Repeal means slaughter. Repeal means genocide in our country.”
This article states: 'The official cause of Halappanavar’s death was sepsis. Yet Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, a former president of the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics who led the state’s inquiry into what happened, and Peter Boylan, a former chairman of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who gave expert evidence at the inquest, have both said the hospital’s refusal to terminate the pregnancy was a contributory factor.'
How on earth would these doctors know more than the doctors directly dealing with Savita's case and the official autopsy and investigation of this case. Also, how can we trust the words of pro-abortion Dr. Boylan who lied on national television that a 12-week old unborn baby isn't fully formed. He was quickly corrected by Dr. John Monaghan, "There is nothing new after 12 weeks. The baby is fully formed. If you don't know that maybe you need to go back to school."
Boylan will receive millions of euros he will earn from killing babies. And perhaps Holland is seeking monetary compensation for John Waters exposing the truth about Savita. Never mind the money she has already made from her book arguably exploiting Savita's tragic story.
Profit before People.
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