With such an accelerated push from the pro-abortion lobby and politicians in Westminster, it is so crucial they hear the pro-life viewpoint of the citizens of Northern Ireland. We urge you to write to your MP to lobby them to respect devolution, our democratic process and our pro-life laws which safeguard mothers and their unborn children. Our laws matter because every life matters.  


To write to your MP:


- Go to www.writetothem.com
- Enter your Postcode
- Choose your MP from the list of your elected representatives
- Write your message (use the letter below or similar wording)
- Send your message


Dear …


I am writing to ask that you uphold the life-affirming laws in Northern Ireland that protect women and unborn babies - the Offences Against The Person Act 1861, Sections 58 and 59; and the Criminal Justice Act (Northern Ireland) 1945, Sections 25 and 26.


In October 2018, MPs in Westminster voted on a bill that aimed to change the law and legalise abortion in Northern Ireland, by repealing Sections 58 and 59 of the ‘1861 Offences Against The Person Act.’ But repealing this Act would remove all safeguards for pregnant women, leaving them and their unborn children with no legal protection throughout the whole nine months of pregnancy.


I’m sure you will agree that abortion - as a devolved issue in Northern Ireland - must be dealt with by the Northern Ireland Assembly only.


As recently as February 2016, the Northern Ireland Assembly voted against any changes to the law on abortion. so this must be acknowledged and respected. And in November 2016, 300,000 petitions opposing any weakening of our laws against abortion, were presented to the Northern Ireland Assembly.


97% of MPs in Westminster aren't even from Northern Ireland and therefore should not interfere by over-riding the democratic process. Imposing abortion on Northern Ireland against the wishes of its people would go totally against the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement, which was all about respecting devolution. The Agreement was founded on the principles of respect for, and equality of, all rights; and freedom from discrimination for all people in Northern Ireland. Unborn children must never be discriminated against. Their most fundamental right – the right to life – must always be respected and upheld.


There is no ’human right to abortion’ under any international legal treaty, convention or instrument. However, the right to life of every person is widely recognised and enshrined in international law.   The right to life of every human being – born and unborn – is the most fundamental right of all. Without it, all other rights are meaningless.


I want unborn babies and their mothers to continue being protected from abortion in Northern Ireland. The Westminster Parliament must acknowledge the clear pro-life message sent out from the NI Assembly in February 2016 and respect the democratic process in Northern Ireland.


As a constituent, I am asking you to pledge to protect the laws in Northern Ireland, and ensure that any legislation regarding abortion in Northern Ireland will be dealt with by the Northern Ireland Assembly only.


Yours sincerely,

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