The media push to abort babies with serious disabilities has produced an unintended result, as interest in Irish videos promoting perinatal hospice and rejecting abortion has soared.

The videos tell the stories of parents who brought their babies to term and treasured every moment with them, and can be seen at www.everylifecounts.ie

Today, the number of views have now reached 110,000, to have seen these beautiful, life-affirming testimonies already.

The videos are beautifully made, and the stories of Lilly Ann, Andrew, Clodagh and John Paul have clearly resonated with huge numbers of people who are deeply moved by their love for these very special children.

The site also has written and photographic testimony from other families. Please support their campaign for the provision of perinatal hospice services - which are not expensive to introduce or maintain - by signing the petition here: http://www.everylifecounts.ie/petition/ If you'd like to support the campaign you can donate at http://www.everylifecounts.ie/donate/

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