Press Release: Precious Life blast Disney and Netflix's intimidation of Pro-Life Georgia

Press Release: Precious Life blast Disney and Netflix’s intimidation of Pro-Life Georgia

Date: 30th May 2019

Precious Life today commented on threats made by Disney and Netflix to pull their business from the US state of Georgia following the passing of a law to protect the unborn after a heartbeat is detected at 6 weeks.

Bernadette Smyth, founder and spokesperson for Precious Life, said today: “This is a clear form of intimidation from Netflix and Disney. Such scare tactics and intimidation is entirely unacceptable and will not go down well with many pro-life customers who support Georgia’s law to protect the unborn after a heartbeat is detected.”

She continued, “Since when does a business get to tell the buying public what we should be thinking? Disney and Netflix should stick to selling products instead of trying to sell us a slew of political beliefs which discriminate against the unborn.”

Bernadette Smyth also said that pro-life people should stand strong against such intimidation from large and powerful companies pushing an abortion agenda: “The passing of this life-saving and progressive law in Georgia is something which many people are rightly celebrating, and pro-lifers should not be cowed and bullied and deceived through the shameful scare tactics of the elites and powerful organisations like Disney and Netflix, which is clearly the intention here.”

Precious Life said that whether actively opposing a law that protects human life will be supported by Disney and Netflix customers remains to be seen.

“This works both ways. Whilst Disney and Netflix are claiming they will pull their business from Georgia, it is just as likely that customers too will rethink their investment in such companies and will stop subscribing, watching their productions and giving them their hard-earned money. In the wake of these announcements, we’ve already seen a flurry of social media posts from people saying they’ll happily stop supporting these companies who are using their power to aggressively advocate abortion, the killing of defenceless unborn babies in the womb. Precious Life have been inundated on our own social media channels and over email with people of all ages and backgrounds contacting us to tell us they are boycotting these companies with immediate effect,” Bernadette Smyth said.

Bernadette Smyth also slammed Disney for its attack on unborn babies and families. She said, “It’s also incredibly sad and ironic that Disney, a producer of so many films loved by generations of young children, are advocating the destruction of the most defenceless of all – unborn children – through poisoning, suffocating and dismembering them in abortions. Pro-life parents everywhere should seriously reconsider their support of Disney after this.

Regardless of the response of Hollywood elites and powerful organisations, we know that so many people will stand by this powerful and compassionate law, which declares that all life has value, that all life matters and that all life is worthy of the upmost protection in law. After all, if our laws do not protect the fundamental right to life, they are failing their most basic function. We are proud of Georgia for passing this progressive and modern law, and we are especially proud of Northern Ireland’s long-standing pro-life laws which continue to save mothers and babies from the horror of abortion here," she concluded.

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