Precious Life blast TV presenter's comments as 'arrogant propaganda for abortion lobby'

Precious Life today blasted comments made to Elle magazine by Irish TV presenter, Laura Whitmore, who has jumped on the bandwagon of “celebrities” pushing for abortion in Northern Ireland.

Bernadette Smyth, founder and spokesperson for Precious Life, said today:

“It is very arrogant that this ‘celebrity’ thinks she has the authority to call for a change to our pro-life laws in Northern Ireland that protect them both - mothers and unborn children.”

Ms Whitmore made it clear that she was proud that the 8th amendment in the Republic of Ireland had been repealed last May. This means that she is proud that the most fundamental, universal right to life for Irish unborn children was stripped away and officially removed from the constitution.

Mrs Smyth responded that, “In the last few months alone, in the Republic, over 3000 babies have been slaughtered through abortion and over 130 pro-life amendments to the cruel and extreme legislation were rejected, including pain relief for babies in late-term abortions and provisions against abortion on the basis of gender, race and disability.”

Mrs Smyth continued, “Abortion is the violent destruction of an unborn child. Abortion kills babies and also hurts and damages women, men, families and society as a whole. We do not want this culture of death and eugenics in Northern Ireland. Dismembering and poisoning babies is not ‘a basic health care service’ as Ms Whitmore asserted. There are no health benefits to abortion.  This is nothing more than arrogant propaganda and the employment of euphemistic language to cover up the barbaric reality of abortion.” 

Finally, Mrs Smyth stated, “It is also worth noting that Ms Whitmore is not from Northern Ireland and so she cannot speak for the women who are from here, the majority of whom do not believe in nor support abortion and therefore vote for pro-life politicians who will uphold our laws.  She referred to a ‘right’ to abortion. However, you can’t speak of human rights without the right to life. There is no so-called right to abortion under any international legal instrument, convention or treaty however the right to life is widely recognised and must be protected. Ms Whitmore should use her time much more constructively by supporting organisations which are providing loving and practical alternatives to abortion and helping women in crisis pregnancies as well as those who are post-abortive to get the genuine and compassionate help they need.”


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