PR: Precious Life to hold pro-life witness at Westminster for the protection of NI's laws


Date: 8th July 2019
Contact: Bernadette Smyth

Precious Life to hold pro-life witness outside Westminster for the protection of Northern Ireland's pro-life laws

Northern Ireland's leading pro-life group Precious Life will be holding a crucial pro-life witness outside Westminster tomorrow for the protection of Northern ireland's pro-life laws. Precious Life will be present as Westminster MPs debate the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill in a shocking attempt to force a change in the law on abortion in Northern Ireland over the heads of the people here.

Bernadette Smyth stated, "The Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill has been hijacked by pro-abortion Westminster MPs in another attempt to undemocratically force abortion on the people of Northern Ireland. This is a move which is in total conflict with the democratic will of the people here, who have persistently voted for pro-life politicians to uphold the right to life of the unborn child. This latest push from Westminster to introduce abortion is absolutely disgraceful and undemocratic, and it completely undermines the spirit of devolution and the principles of the Good Friday Agreement. The Westminster Government must respect democracy and reject this extreme attack on our laws protecting the unborn child."

Further, Mrs Smyth pointed out that an enormous level of opposition to any change in Northern Ireland's life-saving laws has been seen in recent weeks. She said, "As the attack on our laws from Westminster has accelerated, the people of Northern Ireland have very clearly shown their opposition to the introduction of a permissive and cruel abortion regime here. Precious Life have already gathered over 20,000 signatures for our 'Lobby for Life' petition postcard Campaign calling on the Westminster Government to respect our democratic process and our pro-life laws. This is hugely significant and cannot be ignored."

Mrs Smyth continued, "This latest threat must be met with massive opposition from Church leaders and all the leaders of the main parties at Stormont who were elected by the people of Northern Ireland. We are pleased to see many leaders speak up against this shocking attack on Northern Ireland's pro-life laws. This weekend, Bishop Noel Treanor told parishioners in the Down and Connor Diocese that he "would encourage everyone urgently to contact their MP this weekend or on Monday to register their objection to this undemocratic process."

Mrs Smyth concluded, "We are extremely encouraged to see leaders like Bishop Treanor speak up with admirable firmness and conviction at such a crucial time in the fight for life, and we hope to see many more leaders do the same."

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