Kill the Bill, Not the Child - The lives of Northern Ireland's unborn babies are now in the hands of the DUP

 Kill the Bill, Not the Child – The lives of Northern Ireland's unborn babies are now in the hands of the DUP

We are urging all pro-life people to take action to ensure that abortion is not forced on Northern Ireland. The battle to protect the most defenceless in our society has accelerated rapidly as we are now facing the very real threat of a law being introduced that would legalise abortion-on-demand in Northern Ireland by 21st October 2019. We urgently need your help more than ever before.

Following the outrageous hijacking of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill by extremist pro-abortion MPs, we need the DUP to step up and tell the Government that this will not be tolerated.

We are asking the DUP to declare this a ‘Constitutional Crisis’ and immediately tell the Conservative Government that, unless the Bill to legalise abortion here is withdrawn immediately, they will withdraw from the ‘Confidence and Supply Agreement’ that is propping up the Conservative Government.

The ‘Confidence and Supply Agreement’ between the two parties promises that the Conservatives “…will always uphold the consent principle and the democratic wishes of the people of Northern Ireland. The Conservative Party will never countenance any constitutional arrangements that are incompatible with the consent principle…”

This Bill however, does not uphold the democratic wishes of the people here, who have consistently voted for pro-life politicians to represent their views. In reality, this disturbing Bill overrides the entire democratic will of the people here and shows an utter contempt for the people of Northern Ireland and our elected representatives.

It is truly outrageous that this clause was even selected for a vote by the Speaker’s office. What is even more outrageous and heinous is that MPs from England, Scotland and Wales cared so little for the principles of devolution and voted with a resounding majority to erode the basic democratic right of the people of Northern Ireland to decide their own laws.

Furthermore, the passing of this Bill represents an appalling attack on the Good Friday Agreement. The Good Friday Agreement was about respecting devolution, and founded on the principles of full respect for, and equality of, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, of freedom from discrimination for all citizens, and of parity of esteem and of just and equal treatment for the identity, ethos and aspirations of both communities.

This Bill has been fast-tracked through Parliament, but it is our understanding that the Government could withdraw this legislation at any time before it receives Royal Assent.

The DUP are now the last line of defence in this ferocious attack on our unborn babies and their mothers in Northern Ireland. Together, we must demand that the DUP take urgent action against this profoundly damaging, undemocratic Bill that will lead to the deaths of thousands of babies in Northern Ireland.

We need you to tell the DUP – “the lives of our unborn babies are in YOUR hands.” We need to demand that the DUP put serious pressure on the Government to withdraw this cruel and extreme Bill.

We only have a very short time left to act to save our pro-life laws. So many defenceless future unborn babies are relying on our actions TODAY !

We are therefore urging you to contact the DUP’s 10 MPs, and also your local DUP MLA, to demand that they use their power to step in and ensure this atrocious Bill is stopped in its tracks. Without this intervening action of the DUP, we are facing the introduction of one of the most extreme, liberal and shocking abortion regimes in the world.

You can find contact details of your DUP MPs here and your local DUP MLAs here

Or alternatively, here is a list of the ten DUP MPs:

MP Sammy Wilson –

MP David Simpson –

MP Jim Shannon –

MP Gavin Robinson –

MP Ian Paisley –

MP Emma Little Pengelly –

MP Paul Girvan –

MP Sir Jeffrey M. Donaldson –

MP Nigel Dodds –

MP Gregory Campbell –

Please take a few moments to send them an email. Together, we can ensure that in Northern Ireland, abortion is kept not only illegal but unthinkable.

Thank you for your help in this extremely urgent campaign,

Bernadette Smyth,
Precious Life

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