Precious Life Making Final Plans for March for Life in Washington

Members of Precious Life are in Washington to unite with hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers at the Annual March for Life, to be held on Wednesday 22nd January. 

Across the USA, local pro-life advocates young and old are making plans to attend the 2014 March for Life, where hundreds of thousands will gather to mark opposition to abortion. 

This year marks the 41st anniversary of legalised abortion in the US, which has resulted in the slaughter of over 50 million children. 

Precious Life's will also participate in various talks and conferences in Washington to highlight our battle to protect Ireland's unborn children. 

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth will be interviewed by the EWTN satellite channel, which broadcasts live to millions of viewers around the world (tbc). 

Our thoughts are with the organisers and participants as we pray for an even larger turnout than the massive crowd of half a million marchers who took part last year. 

EWTN will have live and complete coverage of March For Life including interviews, panel discussions, and speeches from pro-lifers around the country. Coverage begins at 2.30pm (LONDON & DUBLIN TIME) on Wednesday. 

EWTN can be viewed on Sky channel 589 ; or on the internet here...

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