Arlene Foster 'determined' to restore power sharing to stop Northern Ireland abortion law

Leader of the DUP Arlene Foster said it shouldn't be assumed that abortion will be forced on Northern Ireland as she is "determined" to restore power sharing before the autumn deadline which would block the move. Precious Life have been calling on the pro-life majority of Northern Ireland to contact their MLAs and Party Leaders over the course of the last several weeks. The Fermanagh MLA has revealed that she has been inundated with thousands of emails, letters and petitions calling on her to do everything in her power to stop the introduction of abortion up to 28 weeks and perhaps beyond in Northern Ireland. Foster also said that abortion was the one issue that crossed traditional community lines in Northern Ireland.  

"The DUP have consistently advocated a strong pro-life position. We will always speak up for the unborn child,” she told the Impartial Reporter newspaper.

If the Stormont Executive is not reconvened by 21st October, one of the world's most extreme and cruel abortion laws is set to be introduced in Northern Ireland. The legislation would make abortion legal throughout 28 weeks of pregnancy for any reason, and up to birth in certain circumstances. Following its passing into law, the DUP leader said the abortion provision was the "most insidious" of all the changes imposed on the bill as it progressed through parliament.

Please continue to get in touch with your MLAs and the Party Leaders of Northern Ireland. It is vital we all lobby our elected representatives to stop this horrific law before it's too late. Find out their contact details here:

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