ACTION ALERT: PROTEST political abortion propaganda at Belfast's Ulster Museum


Date: 30th August 2019

PROTEST political abortion propaganda at Belfast's Ulster Museum

The Ulster Museum in Belfast have revealed a display explicitly calling for the introduction of abortion in Northern Ireland. The shocking display uses colloquialisms and appeals to humour to trivialise abortion and shamefully promote the killing of unborn babies here.

The display, presented as a poster in the museum reads, "(Northern Ireland) The only place in the UK where women can face up to life in prison for having an abortion." The poster also reads, "Ats us nai...demand abortion rights for Northern Ireland...Nai for abortion in Northern Ireland."

Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life today condemned the display. She said, "This display is absolutely outrageous and should be met with real contempt from pro-life people across Northern Ireland, especially at a time when Westminster is attempting to force abortion up to 28 weeks on innocent babies and their mothers here."

Bernadette Smyth continued, "It is absolutely appalling that this supposed piece of 'art' is on show at a public musuem, a busy and popular place for families, especially during the summer months. The display is a blatant political statement; the Ulster Museum has politicised itself and shown a total disregard for the convictions of their visitors, many of whom are families with young children. Calling for the killing of children in the womb is incredibly inappropriate and disgusting on a whole range of levels."

Precious Life are calling on the people of Northern Ireland to CONTACT the Ulster Museum to voice their opposition to this outrageous piece of pro-abortion propaganda. You can call the museum on 028 9044 0000 or email info@nmni.comthis weekend to protest this pro-abortion propaganda.

Many thanks in advance,

The Precious Life Communications Team

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