FACT#1 Late-term abortions, for any reason, will be legal up to the 7th month of pregnancy (28 weeks) and potentially up to birth. These babies will be given no pain relief. This will be one of the cruelest and most extreme abortion laws in the world, and could make N. Ireland the LATE-TERM ‘Abortion Capital’ of Europe.

FACT#2 Babies born alive after ‘failed’ late-term abortions will be left to die, with no legal protection and no obligation for medical staff to give them help.

FACT#3 ‘Disability-selective’ abortions - up to birth - for babies with disabilities such as Down’s Syndrome, cleft lip, cleft palate, or club foot.

FACT#4 Baby girls could be legally killed in ‘sex-selective’ abortions simply because of their gender (a procedure common in Britain). Also, in pregnancies with twins, it will be legal to select one child to live and one child to be aborted.


FACT#5 There will be no ‘conscientious objection’ protection for doctors, nurses, or auxiliary staff who don’t want to be involved in abortions.

FACT#6 ‘Fast-track’ abortions will be introduced. Women will have no waiting period or time to reconsider.

FACT#7 Pregnant women will have no legal protection throughout all 9 months of their pregnancies, if they lose their baby through assault.

FACT#8 Private abortion clinics with shocking history of abuses will be set up with no legal restrictions.

FACT#9 Under-age girls will be allowed to have abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

FACT#10 The State will have the authority to force vulnerable women to have abortions against their will.


TIME IS RUNNING OUT!  All this will be legal in Northern Ireland if the Assembly is not restored by Monday 21st October 2019. Contact your Assembly Members NOW to DEMAND they agree to form a Power-Sharing Executive before this deadline.

DUP: tel 028 9065 4479 • email leereynolds@dup.org.uk
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Assembly Leader Michelle O’Neill: tel 02887748689 • email michelle.oneill@mla.niassembly.gov.uk
SDLP: tel 028 9052 1282 • email info@sdlp.ie
UUP : tel 028 9047 4630 • email uup@uup.org
TUV: tel 028 9052 1461 • email samuel.morrison@party.niassembly.gov.uk
Alliance Party: tel 028 9032 4274 • email alliance@allianceparty.org
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