Preborn baby survives after pregnant mother murdered with a crossbow in East London

  • Preborn baby survives after pregnant mother murdered with a crossbow in East London

Heavily pregnant Devi Unmathallegadoo (35) was attacked at her home last year in Ilford, East London, and sadly died in hospital. Her husband, Imtiaz Muhammad, said his wife had been shot in front of her five children, aged between one and 17.

Her ex-husband, from an arranged marriage in 1999, Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo (51) burst out of a garden shed and hit her with an 18-inch bolt that went through her hip and pierced her heart. He had been armed with two crossbows, bolts, a knife, duct tape, cable ties and a hammer.

They had separated in 2012 and divorced 2 years later after she broke her ankle jumping from a window following an incident. Devi was reportedly known to neighbours as Sana Muhammad, having changed her name after she married her second husband around six years ago.

Mrs Muhammad had successfully filed for an emergency non-molestation order which barred the defendant from coming within 100 metres of the family home. This order was granted after Sana had told police how he stared at her while sharpening knives in the garden.

Prosecutor Richard Horwell QC said the former hospital site manager planned the murder for more than three years while his hatred "grew and festered".

He added: "It was a cold-blooded execution by a man who had a resolute desire for revenge and who had been consumed by hatred for a former wife who had left him for another man."

Following the horrific and brutal murder, surgeons had to operate to save the baby with the arrow still in Sana’s body. The arrow reportedly passed just millimetres from the baby boy’s body. Relatives have named him Ibrahim and he was delivered by caesarean section, according to reports.

Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo has been found guilty of murder and will be sentenced next week. It is very scary to think that if a case similar to this had happened in Northern Ireland and the baby had also been killed – the guilty party would not be prosecuted for the death of the baby. Since abortion has been “decriminalised” in Northern Ireland and sections 58 and 59 of the Offences against the Person Act  have been repealed, an unborn baby has absolutely no legal protection whatsoever through the whole nine months of pregnancy. And pro-abortion politicians are now pushing for abortion to be “decriminalised” across Britain as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with this poor woman's family and friends. Senior Crown Prosecutor said it was "miracle" her son survived. This was a premeditated and malicious attack. May Sana Muhammad Rest in Peace in Paradise. 

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