China's darkest secret: Midwife admits killing 50-60,000 babies in abortions

Whether it’s your favourite coffee mug or a beloved living room ornament, a lot of your belongings will say they were made in China. If you have visited China you will know the beauty of the country and its strong Chinese culture, from its food to its fashion. However, China have a dark, disgusting secret.

China’s one-child and now two-child policy may seem to be a clever solution to overpopulation. However, it is an excuse to force people to kill their children. The Dying Rooms in China show thousands of innocent babies being treated like wild animals, tied to chairs and being left for dead. Many babies have been left on the side of the road abandoned just because they are girls.

‘The Dying Rooms’ was a 1995 documentary. This year, a documentary by Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang (currently available on BBC iplayer) has been released entitled ‘One Child Nation’. This 2019 documentary exposes the barbaric horrors of forced sterilisations and abortions in China that happened on a startling, industrial scale. Most of the interviewees seemed to have the attitude that destroying people’s homes for refusing sterilisation “might be cruel, but policy is policy”.

China’s communism meant that their citizens were brainwashed, or even just indifferent, and believed that the one-child policy was progressive and compassionate for their country. There was so much propaganda fed, and the secrecy surrounding the horrific hidden reality of the deadly ‘one-child policy’ experiment, that many didn’t know what was going on behind closed doors.  

The midwife in Nanfu Wang’s own village, who delivered her and every other baby there, said: “In those days, women were abducted by Government officials, tied up and dragged to us like pigs”. When asked how many babies she had delivered, the midwife said she didn’t know but she admitted she “did between 50,000 and 60,000 sterilisations and abortions. I counted this out of guilt because I aborted and killed babies. Many I induced alive and killed. My hands trembled doing it. But I had no choice, it was the Government’s policy.”

These words of an immoral and inhumane, coercive policy reflect Westminster’s forced abortion legislation on Northern Ireland that will claim the lives of hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of preborn children if section 9 of the law is not swiftly repealed.

The midwife is Nanfu’s village is tortured by what she did. She now exclusively treats patients with infertility because “I want to atone for my sins, for all the abortions and killings I did…Some would say it wasn’t my fault because it was my job, but I was the one who killed, I was the executioner. I killed those babies, didn’t I?”

In the documentary, another family planning official talked about babies being aborted through the whole nine months of pregnancy – including right up to BIRTH - and their bodies were left on rubbish dumps. “Many of the foetuses aborted were eight or nine months along. When they were aborted they were still alive.”

Disturbingly, this official, despite enduring these horrific experiences, said she would do the whole thing again, laughing nervously as she recalled a pregnant woman who was so distraught that she tore off her clothes and ran away. “During abortions, women would cry, curse, fight, go insane…Those memories…I had to put the national interest above my personal feelings.”

This mechanical and detached viewpoint to her job, can be compared to the work of those in the abortion industry worldwide. They become indoctrinated and adapt to their work – regardless of any inner moral objection. Dr John Parsons, former Marie Stopes’ consultant gynaecologist, said “We worked in an atmosphere of bullying and pressure – it was nothing more than a conveyor belt service.”

During the documentary a father is shown crying because he was forced to abandon his baby because his own mother threatened to kill her. In the abortion debate, the rights and thoughts of fathers are often disregarded.

One of the most disturbing interviews was Nanfu’s mother, describing how she “helped” her brother abandon his baby girl so that he could try again for a boy. The baby was left at the meat market and, after two days, she died, covered in mosquito bites.

Though it was not acknowledged in this documentary, it is clear from this BBC article that families are still persecuted for exceeding the state-sanctioned number of children:

“And what we have discovered suggests that the brutal machinery of enforcement is still in place along with the Chinese state's insistence on the right of control over women's wombs.” The ‘brutal machinery of enforcement’ is the perfect wording to describe the heartless and barbaric communist culture of China’s one-child policy.

When you change the culture of a country to one in which life is disposable – at any stage of development – then you radically alter the moral fabric of that country.  

Most disappointingly, Nanfu, who now lives in the US, concluded the documentary by saying: “I am struck by the irony that I moved from a country where women are forced to abort to one where the right to abortion is restricted. On the surface, they may seem like opposites, but both are about taking away women’s control of their own bodies.”

Nanfu is indoctrinated in the ideological totalitarianism in which a woman’s right to choose takes precedence over the very right to life. And anyone who disagrees with this ideology is shunned.  

The most terrifying thing about this documentary and Nanfu’s final comments is not that these horrible and brutal things happened but that they weren’t even a news story. Because when you legalise abortion, you change the culture of a country utterly. You change how we think about life, that we as a society relate to each other so that absolutely horrifying things can be done to preborn babies – and born babies - behind closed doors that in a few weeks could be living, breathing human beings.  

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