Questions you need to ask yourself

  • Do I really want an abortion?
  • Have I sought independent counselling?
  • Do I understand the psychological and physical risks involved in the procedure?
  • If complications arise, how will the clinic handle it? 
  • Do I have financial problems and feel I may not be able to cope with a baby?
  • Is someone pressurising me to have an abortion?
  • Is something telling me - "maybe this isn't the right decision"?

If you're having second thoughts, you can walk away RIGHT NOW! Abortion is a choice that you can never turn back. Many women regret making that choice. Even if you are in the waiting room, or on the table prepped for the procedure, don't feel pressured to proceed just because you feel you have to. If you have doubts, don't do it! Remember - help is available. There are many risks involved and your life is precious. Take a few minutes and listen to your conscience. There are other alternatives. 

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