Baby Isaiah saved by abortion pill reversal celebrates his first birthday

  • Baby Isaiah saved by abortion pill reversal celebrates his first birthday

In 2018, Sarah took the first drug in the chemical abortion procedure which she obtained from America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Already a single mother of three children, she was pregnant with her fourth, and the baby’s father was coercing her into an abortion.

Mifepristone, or RU-486 is the first of two drugs used for ‘chemical’ or ‘medical’ abortions: it works to block progesterone, which is a natural “pregnancy hormone,” that women produce that provides the essential nutrients needed for the developing baby to thrive. 

After taking mifepristone and going home Sarah said:

“I couldn’t look at my other three children in the face without breaking down and telling myself this baby deserves love just as much as these three in front of me.”

With that thought in mind, she decided to act, turning to the internet to see if there was any way she could save her unborn baby.

In that moment, Sarah, like hundreds of other women, discovered a fast-growing treatment known as Abortion Pill Reversal. Once she was at the doctor’s office, the baby’s heartbeat was detected and Sarah was able to begin the Abortion Pill Reversal treatment.

Used as an antidote to the abortion drug mifepristone (otherwise known as the “abortion pill” or RU-486), the reversal protocol works by flooding a woman’s body with progesterone, the natural hormone that is needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy. If administered within 72 hours of taking the abortion drug, progesterone has a 68% success rate in saving unborn babies.

“I prayed for God to help me through,” Sarah said. “I wanted to try whatever I could to reverse the worst decision I had made.” In the lead up to celebrating his first birthday, Sarah says that “Isaiah is starting to walk.”

“All my children bless me daily,” she wrote. “Each one taught me lessons, but Isaiah began my new life. This morning when he woke up and smiled at me it touched my soul. I will forever be grateful that there are people out there who hold life in the highest regard.”

“I am ashamed I went for an abortion for my son,” said Sarah, “but I will forever be humble that God broke through my life and saved his life and mine with the aid of selfless, caring individuals.”

“One day, we will end abortion,” she continued. “And no woman will ever have to feel that regret and shame again and will either get to look with love at their child, or gift a couple with the blessing they have been praying for. I want everyone who works for APR to know just how much we appreciate their work!!”

Bravo to Sarah for her bravery and courage in telling her story and for choosing life. And to everyone who works in the industry of the abortion pill "reversal" - well done for saving so many lives!

The abortion pill “reversal” is an effective process developed by Dr. George Delgado. When Precious Life were in Washington DC for the US March for Life in January, Bernadette Smyth, our Director, met with Dr. Delgado. Going forward, we will be working to ensure this reversal process is readily available in Northern Ireland.

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