PR: In response to the Coronavirus Crisis, Abortions must be immediately stopped and abortion clinics shut down to save the lives of women and unborn children across the world.


Date: 24 March 2020

Precious Life have welcomed the UK Government’s U-turn on allowing women to abort babies at home in response to coronavirus, a move the organisation says will ultimately protect vulnerable women from “dangerous and deadly” abortion pills.

The Department of Health says reported changes to the abortion law, that would allow women to abort their unborn children at home using abortion pills in response to coronavirus, are not going ahead.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told The Independent Newspaper: “This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.”

Today, Bernadette Smyth, Director of Precious Life said in a statement, “Precious Life welcome the Government’s U-turn which will ultimately protect vulnerable women in the UK. Every abortion ends the life of an unborn baby and poses dangers to women, both physical and psychological. Further, the evidence shows us that home abortions greatly increase the risks to women, with studies finding an increase in complications for early abortions induced at home. One study of women living in a rural environment, found an increase in complications from abortion pills from 4.2% in 2008 to 8.2% in 2015, for medical abortions at less than 12 weeks. The authors said that a “potential reason is that the proportion of induced abortions performed at home has risen.”

“The whole message which governments, communities and families are trying to promote in the midst of this global pandemic is to ‘Stay Safe’, yet we are seeing pro-abortion organisations attempting to exploit this crisis to push a dangerous abortion agenda to endanger women and violently end more precious and vulnerable human life when the focus should be on protecting life. This is the ultimate hypocrisy and it is clear these bodies don’t really care about the protection of life.”

Mrs Smyth continued: “The RCOG have released guidance which calls abortion ‘essential’ but we know that ending the life of a child through the abortion methods of suffocation, poisoning or dismemberment is never essential. It is disgraceful for pro-abortion groups to claim that abortion is medically necessary at a time when every effort is being made to save human life, and at a time when the NHS is stretched to capacity offering life-saving healthcare to those who are sick and dying from this pandemic. The NHS have made it very clear that it is not only dangerous, but it is against the law to deliberately induce your own abortion and this should be reiterated.”

“It is vital that we unite against this radical and cruel abortion agenda and we conserve our core services for genuine health emergencies rather than seeing real healthcare sacrificed for unnecessary, life-ending elective procedures like abortion. To continue abortions during a national pandemic would be hugely medically irresponsible. Abortions offer no health benefits to women and do not treat a disease process because pregnancy is not an illness or a disease.”

Mrs Smyth concluded, “If we are to follow the ‘Stay Safe’ message, this involves recognising that nothing is more dangerous than abortion, a procedure designed to deliberately and violently end the life of a child in the womb. Abortions must be immediately suspended and abortion centres and clinics shut down to save the lives of women and unborn children across the world.”


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