Action alert: BPAS attempting to hijack Coronavirus Bill

It has emerged that UK abortion provider BPAS is lobbying MPs to amend the Coronavirus Bill to allow DIY abortions, meaning women will be allowed to induce abortions at home using deadly abortion pills. This would allow these dangerous drugs to be administered at home, without any supervision. Other extreme measures BPAS are seeking to put in place would mean consultations with a doctor could take place via video link or a telephone rather than face-to-face. 

We are in a time of national emergency, with the healthcare service and NHS staff already stretched to capacity in its efforts to save human life. It is simply unbelievable that greedy abortion providers would seek to exploit the current global crisis to make it easier to kill unborn children, whilst putting the health and wellbeing of women seriously at risk. As the world unites to fight COVID-19 under the shared understanding that every human life is precious, it is appalling that our political leaders will continue to allow the abortion industry, an industry which exists solely to destroy human life, to continue to operate and find new and easier ways to kill unborn babies.

We are asking you to email your MP NOW with this message: "Please oppose any move by the abortion lobby in Parliament to hijack the emergency Coronavirus Bill for their own gain."


Click here to contact your MP to ask them to oppose BPAS's extreme and deadly abortion agenda to keep mothers and babies safe in NI and the whole of the UK.


Thank you.

Yours in Life,

The Precious Life Communications Team

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