How Stanton Healthcare are continuing to provide help and hope to mothers and babies during the COV-19 Crisis

Dear Friend of Precious Life,

During this national emergency as we face the Coronavirus crisis, it is important to remember that pregnant women are among of the most vulnerable and neglected members of our society. In fact, the attack on our most vulnerable citizens have went to another level. As I write this email, the abortion lobby is calling for dangerous ‘DIY’ abortions to be made legal across Northern Ireland and the UK. This would mean pregnant women would be allowed to take deadly abortion pills to at home without medical consultation or regulation. Our unborn children have never been under such a fierce attack.

I want to assure you that even at this most difficult time, when all our lives have been turned upside down, our Stanton Project remains committed and determined to serving the women of Northern Ireland and empowering every mother to choose life, regardless of the circumstances.

Stanton Healthcare NI, Northern Ireland's full-time pregnancy support centre will continue to provide information, support, and care for pregnant mothers at this hugely difficult time.

With much uncertainty, our nation is facing the coronavirus crisis. This is especially true for pregnant women who are deeply concerned about how COVID-19 will impact their pregnancy and affect their unborn child and are being overlooked during this national emergency.

"At Stanton Healthcare we recognize these concerns and are doing everything we can to provide comfort, assurance and support to these expecting mothers. We want to continue to supply necessary items to our mothers during this difficult season and we are currently addressing the baby wipe and nappy shortage.

During this national healthcare emergency, Stanton will ensure that there is no interruption in the quality of care we provide. Due to the government lockdown our doors may have been forced to temporary close but that doesn’t mean we close our ears and hearts to the needs of women and their families.  We will be increasing our online client advocacy, care visits and direct phone support through our helpline, this will be available 24/7. We will also be providing our mothers, with current updates on COVID-19 and wellness encouragement for those who are social distancing.

It is essential during this national health emergency our communities do all within their power to assuage the fears and concerns of our mothers."

Stanton is as committed as ever to being a beacon of hope and light in the midst of such darkness.

We will be here to speak life and share our resources with those in despair.

Imagine finding out you are pregnant during this national crisis, it wasn't planned, you've lost your job, and you don't have family nearby to help you walk through the difficulty. Society says the easy and compassionate answer is abortion. We know that's a lie.

That's why it's imperative we pull together to provide the truly compassionate answer to an unexpected pregnancy: LIFE. 

We're in a battle to save the lives of babies every day. The battle currently rages stronger than ever, with fewer resources, because of the impacts of coronavirus on our daily lives. 

Whether you can give £10, £20 or £1,000, we invite everyone to join in the mission to help women choose life for their babies.

Let's not miss this unique opportunity to love and serve in ways that will be obvious to those who need it most. Together, we will continue to lavish the love of Jesus on families in need of help and hope. Please contact us today if you can help support mothers and babies in any way at this very challenging time.

For the least of the little ones,

Bernadette Smyth

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