Mum shares amazing photos of premature twin girls who survived at 22 WEEKS

  • Mum shares amazing photos of premature twin girls who survived at 22 WEEKS
  • Mum shares amazing photos of premature twin girls who survived at 22 WEEKS

A mother from North Carolina has told reporters that she feels blessed after her premature twin babies survived, despite doctors warning that they had zero chance of surviving. The identical twin girls, the second most premature babies to survive outside the womb, were born at just 22 weeks on December 8, 2019.

Makenzie and Makayla weighed just 1lb, 1 oz and 1lb, 3 oz. Their mum, Tracey Hernandez told The Metro: “When I went into labour they told me the survival rate for them was zero per cent. They said that babies born at less than 23 weeks just don’t make it.”

“I am so lucky and I know it’s an absolute miracle. I feel blessed,” she told reporters after sharing incredible photos of her children receiving critical care from doctors in North Carolina.

“They are a creation of God and I have watched them develop outside the womb,” she said.

After months in the hospital with treatment including back and heart surgery, they are expected to be able to go home soon.

“They have both amazed me and they continue to amaze me,” Hernandez said. “They are a blessing and I am so proud to call myself their mom.”

While more and more babies born prematurely are surviving, late-term abortions continue to take place each and every day across the world. In Britain, 550 children are aborted daily, with approximately 10% of all of abortions carried out in the UK being late-term.

In Northern Ireland, against the democratic will of the people and the findings of the NIO public consultation, one of Europe's most cruel, extreme and barbaric abortion laws has been foisted on the province. Due to the imposition of 'Section 9' abortion in now legal up to 24 weeks (6 months) on request, and up to birth ('without time limit') for a baby with any kind of disability, including Cleft Lip, Club Foot and Down's Syndrome.

Precious Life have launched an urgent 'Repeal Section 9' Campaign to repeal this inhumane law, and are urging pro-life people to make their voices heard once again by signing the online petition and contacting their MLAs and MPs.


Photo Credit: The Metro

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