NI Politicians must take urgent action against abortion up to BIRTH regime if they really do care about 'saving lives'


15th May 2020

NI Politicians must take urgent action against abortion up to BIRTH regime if they really do care about ‘saving lives’

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life organisation Precious Life are urging Northern Ireland’s politicians to take urgent and decisive action against abortion up to birth if they really do care about ‘saving lives.'

Bernadette Smyth, Director of Precious Life, said direct and decisive action from political representatives on abortion is long overdue.

“The people of Northern Ireland have put substantial, sustained pressure on their local MLAs time and time again in recent months, but it’s past time we asked, where is the action from our politicians in response? During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve heard a lot from our politicians about ‘saving lives’ yet most of our local representatives are sitting on their hands, whilst right at this very moment, children in the womb can be murdered up to the point of birth right here in Northern Ireland. If our politicians really and truly cared about saving lives, repealing this horrific abortion law would be their number one priority.”

Thousands of concerned NI citizens have persistently made their opposition to the introduction of abortion known, with thousands attending rallies and high-profile pro-life events; joining email and social media campaigns against Westminster’s abortion law; and writing to, visiting, emailing and calling their local MLAs. However, action from their political representatives has been virtually non-existent, say Precious Life.

Ms Smyth continued, “The vast majority of people in Northern Ireland are resolutely opposed to this abortion law, which has been imposed against their will from an outside Government. This opposition was reiterated in the UK Government’s public consultation published in March, with 79% of respondents opposed to legalising abortion.

“The people have not been represented properly by their MLAs, the majority of whom have done virtually nothing to uphold the democratic will of the people and intervene to stop innocent children being killed.”

Ms Smyth highlighted the extremity of the new abortion regime in place in Northern Ireland, saying action from those elected to represent the people must be demanded.

“Under this draconian and horrendous legislation enforced by the British Government, unborn children can be murdered in the womb right up to the point of birth under grounds of mental or physical health. Disability selective abortion is also being permitted up to birth. Where is the uproar from our MLAs? Where is the effort or action to repeal this law?”

Ms Smyth concluded, “Those in power in Northern Ireland have been elected by the people, for the people, to uphold and honour democracy and they have a duty of care towards all citizens, born and unborn. They have the power to pass legislation to repeal this barbaric abortion law at Stormont. Urgent action needs to be demanded of them, and we are appealing to pro-life people to lobby them to ask why so little has been done to repeal this shameful law.”

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