The Reality of Repeal: 6,666 babies killed in Ireland in first year of legal abortion

A total of 6,666 abortions were carried out in Ireland in 2019, official figures released today have shown. It is the first full year official figures have been available, following a majority of 66% voting to repeal the Ireland’s Eighth Amendment in the 2018 referendum. Abortion on demand became available in Ireland on 1 January 2019.

Today’s figures unveil in startling clarity the devastating reality of repeal: 6,666 dead babies. These children have been killed by a law which was backed by the entire media and political establishment to erase the right to life of the tiniest Irish citizens.

The figures mean that 1 in 10 Irish babies now has their life brutally ended before birth and reveals an average of 18 abortions taking place in the Republic of Ireland on a daily basis. Ireland's abortion toll equates to more than 222 classes full of primary school children. 

Dublin accounted for 2,493 abortions, according to the woman’s home address, while 606 babies were killed in abortions in Co. Cork. Unborn babies were killed in every county across Ireland, with Co. Leitrim recording the lowest figure at 27 abortions. Additionally, some 67 abortions were performed on women giving an address in Northern Ireland.

The heart-breaking new figures come as thousands of pro-life people across Ireland are expected to take part in Ireland’s virtual Rally for Life events, which this year has the theme United for Life. Precious Life, as co-founders of the Rally for Life, have organised a series of Life Chains across the six counties of Northern Ireland, with up to ten people present at each Life Chain in keeping with social distancing rules. To get involved with our Life Chains or to organise one in your area for this Saturday (4 July), please email us at

Founder and Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth commented:

“It is an unprecedented tragedy for Ireland that 6,666 precious babies were killed in abortions in 2019. We must recognise that each and every one of these abortions represents a catastrophic failure to protect human rights and the lives of Ireland’s tiniest, weakest citizens. Ireland has shamefully failed in its human rights duty to protect and uphold the right to life of the most vulnerable and voiceless members of the human family.

Today’s figures are absolutely appalling, and they need to serve as a real wake-up call for the people of Ireland. In the run up to the 2018 abortion referendum, the Irish people were fed the lie that repealing the Eighth Amendment would not lead to an increase in abortions.

From these horrific figures, we can see very clearly that the Irish people were lied to repeatedly and gravely misled. Abortions have increased dramatically in one year alone, and this abortion regime has left a devastating trail of death and destruction. Ireland has also failed the thousands of women and families who will now undoubtedly have to deal with the pain of post-abortion regret.”

The fight for human rights continues North and South of Ireland. Precious Life will continue to work to offer women the support they deserve, and to save lives of the thousands of babies who are in danger throughout Ireland. We would encourage our supporters to take part in this weekend’s crucial All Ireland Rally for Life, through joining in Precious Life’s Life Chains throughout the North of Ireland, and streaming the online Rally events and speeches taking place from 1-5 July.”

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