PR: Life Chains to take place this Saturday 4 July across Ireland

PR: Life Chains to take place this Saturday 4 July across Ireland

Northern Ireland’s leading pro-life group Precious Life have organised various region-wide ‘Life Chains’ to take place this weekend across Northern Ireland. The socially distanced events are being held as part of the All Ireland Rally for Life’s ‘Life Fest’ taking place this weekend from 1-5 July. Due to rules banning large social gatherings, the annual Rally for Life has moved online this year, with small gatherings of up to 30 people (in keeping with government guidelines) taking place across every county in Ireland and being broadcast online.

Precious Life’s events will run with the theme of the All Ireland Rally, which this year is ‘United for Life.’ Additionally, Precious Life will be using the events to advocate specifically for the Repeal of Section 9, the extreme abortion law which was imposed by Westminster without the consent of the people of Northern Ireland.  

Precious Life spokesperson Bernadette Smyth said:

“This Saturday’s Life Chains, organised in each of the six counties, present a brilliant and much-needed opportunity for the pro-life movement here to mobilise, motivate, and redouble our efforts to see this ferocious abortion law repealed.”

Ms Smyth said that she had seen determined opposition to the newly imposed abortion law in staunchly nationalist areas who were appalled by the unjust law, as well as from unionist communities which had long agreed that abortion should remain a devolved issue.

"We're expecting people from every county and across the political and traditional divide in Northern Ireland to unite for life this Saturday. People are outraged that Westminster has hijacked the democratic process and has imposed Europe’s most extreme and cruel abortion law on the people of Northern Ireland.”

Ms Smyth added that the pro-life majority of Northern Ireland are eager to make their voices heard and will use this weekend to stand up for mothers and babies following the legalisation of abortion up to the point of birth in the North.

“79% of the thousands of concerned citizens who responded to the NIO’s public consultation on this law said they did not want to see any form of abortion introduced in Northern Ireland.

“Despite no public demand for this abortion law, or consent from the electorate in Northern Ireland, abortion has been legalised up to birth and on demand. The pro-life majority are using this weekend as an opportunity to take action and to make their voices heard in defence of mothers and babies here.

“The message this weekend will be clear – we stand united for life with thousands across Ireland, and abortion is not in our name,” Ms Smyth concluded.

Life Chains will take place in Belfast, Co. Down, Co. Armagh, Co. Derry, Derry City, Newry City, Co. Antrim, and Co. Tyrone throughout the morning and afternoon on Saturday 4 July.

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