Precious Life bring "REPEAL SECTION 9" Campaign to Derry

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Precious Life bring "Repeal Section 9" Campaign to Derry

PRECIOUS Life visited the streets of Derry to bring the pro-life message to shoppers in the city.

Our team collected petition signatures for ourr Repeal Section 9 Campaign.

Bernadette said: “We met with so many people who are very much on our side ...People who are disgusted by this law and are adamant it must be overturned."

She added: “These conversations on the streets are very important because we meet some people who believe the lie that abortion is the only solution to a crisis pregnancy. We share with them the true horror of abortion, and what it does to an unborn child and to women. In particular, we educate them on late term abortions at 24weeks, which weren made legal here when Westmister forced Section 9 of the NI Executive Formation Act on Northern Ireland.

Bernadette concluded, "Over the comimg months, we will step up and intensify our Repeal Section 9 Campaign, visting all the towns and cities across the North. We will never rest full legal protection is restored for unborn babies in Northern Ireland."

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