Catholic bishops must retract statement that covid-19 vaccinations using cells from aborted babies can be used "with a clear conscience"

Precious Life have voiced their anger over a statement from Catholic bishop's in England and Wales that claimed the faithful "have a prima facie duty to be vaccinated" against Coronavirus even if the vaccine was developed using tissue from aborted babies.

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth said the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales must retract their statement immediately.

“The bishops have pointed to a non-magisterial paper written in 2005 which they claim justifies the use of cells taken from little aborted babies around three months gestation and used in a vaccine.

"The authors of the Bishops’ document, ‘The Catholic position on vaccination,’ have completely overlooked the ethically produced alternative vaccines that exist to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

"Erroneously, they say the ‘Oxford vaccines’ are a solution albeit an extreme one, and by accepting them does not signify complicity in abortion. This is outrageous.

"If any Catholics are convinced of the merits of vaccination, then the bishops should be only be promoting ethically produced vaccines to them, instead of putting the faithful in unnecessary jeopardy by implying that it is ok to be complicit in abortion.”

Bernadette added, “The Bishops are clearly being dictated to by the state, which is an outrageous extension of the government’s authority. The government are responsible for the murder in the womb of 550 babies each day in Britain, so have clearly no regard for the sanctity of life or the protection of mothers and their babies.

“The Bishop’s support of government regulations that would coerce people to accept these unethical vaccines is tantamount to support of the dark and sinister abortion industry who profit from taking the life of unborn babies."

Bernadette Smyth concluded, “We expect more from Catholic bishops. They have a duty of responsibility to guide the faithful and condemn all vaccines that use cells from aborted babies. We call on all Catholics to rise up in opposition to this stance taken by their bishops, and contact them to demand they retract their statement immediately and withdraw their support for anything connected to merciless abortion industry."

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