Pro-Life Roadshow hit towns across Northern Ireland in August

Precious Life will bring their Annual Pro-Life Roadshow to towns across Northern Ireland in August. The aim of our Roadshow is to bring the pro-life message directly to people on the street, educating them on the humanity of the unborn child and exposing the true horror of abortion.

The Roadshow’s main focus this year will be promoting our “Repeal Section 9 Campaign” - giving people the opportunity to sign our petition calling on our political representatives to overturn the unjust abortion law contained in Section 9 of the Northern Ireland Executive Formation Act. The Westminster Parliament broke all principles of democracy and devolution when it forced Section 9 on Northern Ireland without the consent of its people or elected representatives.

Northern Ireland now has the most extreme abortion law in Europe. But our unborn babies must be safeguarded and protected, and we will continue fighting to ensure Section 9 is repealed and the ‘right to life’ restored.

Our Roadshow kicks off in Enniskillen on Saturday 15 August. Next stop is Warrenpoint on Monday 17 August. Then on Wednesday 19 August we travel to Newcastle. The Roadshow then heads to the North Coast on Friday 21 August when we visit Portrush. We complete our tour of Northern Ireland on Saturday 22 August with our final Roadshow in Lisburn.

Come and join us in the fight to protect Northern Ireland’s unborn babies. Abortion is not in our name. Section 9 must be repealed. We look forward to seeing you on the Roadshow !



Precious Life Annual Pro-Life Roadshow

Dates  /  Locations

Saturday 15 August - Enniskillen

Monday 17 August - Warrenpoint

Wednesday 19 August - Newcastle

Friday 21 August - Portrush

Saturday 22 August - Lisburn

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