John Hume peace charity board appointments is an unholy alliance claims Smyth

  • Strident Pro Life advocate the Late John Hume

Director of Precious Life, Bernadette Smyth has described some of the 14 directors of the John and Pat Hume Foundation for Peaceful Change and Reconciliation as an "unholy alliance" which should give Christians cause for concern. 

She said: "I would certainly question the focus and intent of the new charity after it was revealed that a website and social media page of the foundation is under construction following his Requiem Mass earlier this month. 

"While it is a wonderful idea in principle to continue with the former leader of the SDLP's vision for peace and genuine unity, it is an absolute disgrace that a former director of Marie Stopes, Dawn Purvis should sit on its board of directors. 

She added: "How can anyone with previous links to the abortion industry be a front for courage and fortitude so often displayed by the late John Hume."

Bernadette described the 83 year-old political visionary, who was once a student of the priesthood, and who many times reiterated the mantra "Let us spill our sweat and not our blood," was a pro-life warrior to the core. 

She concluded:  "Many of these newly appointed directors, including Monica McWilliams, who has been a vocal supporter to liberalise our abortion laws, do not reflect John Hume's tenacity and vision for not only protecting the life of the unborn but protecting every life from the conception to old age. 

"I call on those who appointed the directors to rethink the merit in which their decisions were based and readdress the outrageous disparity of members that are on record for having an extremely liberal stance on the intentional killing of unborn babies in the womb." 

Recent reports reveal that all of the 14 directors are already in place and will include, Mr Hume's son John, former SDLP Leader Mark Durkan and Sara Canning, the partner of Lyra McKee, who was fatally wounded during a riot in Derry, last April.

The other directors are: Tom Arnold, (Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition), Professor Paul Arthur, (professor of politics and Emeritus director of the Graduate Program in Peace and Conflict Studies), Mary Cosgrave (retired), Dr Sean Farren, (writer, academic and politician), Hugh Logue, (retired European Commission official and former member of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association executive), Mary McIvor (PA), Brid Rodgers, (retired SDLP politician), Mike Nesbitt (former UTV Live presenter and UUP leader), Monica McWilliams, (politician professor and former Women's Coalition leader who called for change to Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws) and Kieran McLoughlin (former CEO of Ireland Funds)

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