Precious Life "Street Outreach" Team hear how family found peace after daughter's rape

The father of a 15 year-old girl, who became pregnant following a rape, revealed to our Street Outreach team how the baby’s adoption has helped his daughter, and the family heal after the trauma.

During our Street Outreach in Belfast City Centre, the father stopped at our Information table to share the harrowing story of his daughter, and how the family dealt with the news that any parent would dread.

The father spoke openly that when they first learned of their daughters pregnancy through rape, they were heartbroken and their initial reaction was that abortion was the only answer.

However, the father revealed they knew in their hearts that it was wrong and it wasn’t the answer and so the family supported their daughter in her decision to give the baby up for adoption. He said this was a decision that his daughter and the family have never regretted.

The father explained that his daughter and all the family are still dealing with the pain of the rape - even though it happened over ten years ago - but are consoled by the fact the innocent baby didn’t have to suffer as a result of the horrific crime committed against their daughter.

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