"Galling Hypocrisy" of SDLP condemned by Precious Life

Precious Life has condemned the SDLP’s call for more abortions in Northern Ireland. On 7 November, the youth wing of the Party (SDLP Youth) issued a statement demanding that the NI Health Minister Robin Swann provide “as a matter of urgency” more abortions in Northern Ireland hospitals for “women and pregnant people.”

The SDLP was founded by John Hume who was opposed to all violence and a champion of human and civil rights for all people.

But now almost 50 years later, the SDLP have the audacity to still claim to be ‘the party of civil rights’ while denying the right to life and supporting the violence of killing a baby in the womb.

People must also be reminded that October marked the one year anniversary of when SDLP MLAs staged their stunt of a ‘walk out’ at the Assembly, thus bringing to a halt the last minute attempt to stop Westminster forcing abortion on Northern Ireland.

The SDLP are now no different to Sinn Fein who for years tried to hoodwink the public with the lie that they were opposed to abortion. Slowly but surely their masks have slipped and the SDLP now openly celebrate and call for more babies to be killed by abortion in Northern Ireland hospitals.

The sheer hypocrisy of SDLP is galling. On the SDLP Youth website, they state their purpose as, ‘SDLP Youth wants this generation and THOSE THAT FOLLOW to live in an Ireland that stands tall in the world as a champion of …human rights’.

But our unborn babies are ‘those that follow’ this generation,yet SDLP Youth is calling for the next generation to be denied the right to life and to be killed in Northern Ireland.

SDLP Party leader Colum Eastwood has given his full support to SDLP Youth by his silence on their call for more abortions. Yet only days ago he was calling for more covid restrictions to save lives, safeguard children and protect livelihoods.”

To paraphrase John Hume - they lecture us on human rights and deny the right to life to unborn babies …they shout about saving lives and want babies in the womb to be killed. One of these days SDLP will disappear up their own contradiction!

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