"Restore Personhood" Event at Stormont - Videos Part 1 & 2

Watch Videos Part 1 & 2 [see below] of Precious Life's Special Live-Stream event outside Stormont with guest speakers to mark one year since abortion was legalised in Northern Ireland. 

Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth introduced West Belfast priest, Fr Patrick McCafferty who exposed Sinn Fein and SDLP as pro-abortion parties. He urged the Catholic bishops to have the courage to withhold communion to pro-abortion politicians. He said personhood has to be restored to our unborn babies, and "…for as long as they don’t have a voice, they will have ours!”

It was back in October 2019, that Westminster forced abortion on Northern Ireland. The legislation contained in Section 9 of the NI (Executive Formation) Act removed the sections of the Offences Against The Person Act that had protected unborn babies in Northern Ireland. Department of Health (DoH) figures released at the start of October 2020 revealed that 664 abortions have now been carried out in Northern Ireland.

We marked the first year anniversary of one of the darkest days in Northern Ireland history, when the Westminster Parliament forced abortion on Northern Ireland, aided and abetted by pro-abortion MLAs in our Assembly.

In a poignant display, hundreds of baby shoes, each with a boy or girls name pinned on them, were laid out on the ground in the shape of the figures “6 6 4”

The highlight of the event was when a baby heartbeat monitor was held to the stomach of a young pregnant mother, and heartbeat of the baby in her womb was amplified through the PA system.

The Stormont event finished with a emotional ‘thank you’ from a mother holding her baby son Noah, who was born because of the help and support offered by Stanton Healthcare pregnancy resource in Belfast. As long as a single precious unborn baby is in danger, then our work is not yet finished.

Our event at Stormont sent out a clear message to our Assembly - REPEAL SECTION 9 and RESTORE PERSONHOOD for Northern Ireland’s unborn children.

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