"Restore Personhood" Event at Stormont - Videos Part 7 & 8

Watch Videos Part 7 & 8 [see below] of Precious Life's Special Live-Stream event outside Stormont with guest speakers to mark one year since abortion was legalised in Northern Ireland.

Alicea from Stanton Healthcare in Belfast spoke of the outstanding work they do across Northern Ireland. She also called on our Assembly Members to support and fund this unique ministry. There were powerful and emotional testimonies from three ‘Stanton Mums’ - mothers who have been helped and supported by Stanton Healthcare.

‘Stanton Mum’ Yvonne shared her story of how she was helped and supported through a difficult time in her life. She said, “It was through the support and encouragement [from Stanton] that I got through such a scary time in my life, and I am so thankful to Jesus for them.”

‘Stanton Mum’ Fiona shared her story of how Stanton helped her even after the birth of her baby. She said, “people in the pro-life movement get such a bad rap - that they only care about the baby in the womb. That’s not true! Stanton provides services well into the mother’s journey and well into the baby’s journey. They provide much needed support and care whenever there’s no support and care given by our healthcare services.”

There wasn’t a dry eye from anyone after hearing ‘Stanton Mum’ Usalem give her emotional testimony. Holding her little baby Noah, she said that Stanton was “...a miracle for me.”

It was back in October 2019, that Westminster forced abortion on Northern Ireland. The legislation contained in Section 9 of the NI (Executive Formation) Act removed the sections of the Offences Against The Person Act that had protected unborn babies in Northern Ireland. Department of Health (DoH) figures released at the start of October 2020 revealed that 664 abortions have now been carried out in Northern Ireland.

Our event at Stormont sent out a clear message to our Assembly - REPEAL SECTION 9 and RESTORE PERSONHOOD for Northern Ireland’s unborn children

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