Poland Bans 'Eugenic' Abortions

The Polish government is to enforce its October anti-discrimination ruling that prohibits abortion on babies with disabilities from this week.

Despite opposition, the government announced its Constitutional Court ruling of 22 October, will be put into effect which will finally see Eugenic-style abortions wiped out.

Justices ruled that one of the few exceptions which the increasingly conservative country had permitted, violated the constitution because it discriminated against human beings with disabilities.

In December, the Polish ruling party faced fierce opposition from the European Parliament for its conservative stance.

It is widely reported the “silent majority” of the largely Catholic country supports wide-spread protections for unborn babies. Evidence of this can be seen in polls and recent elections where voters repeatedly have elected strong pro-life majorities to parliament.

Furthermore, recent polls, including an October poll by Kantar indicated the country is far from turning pro-choice,” with 62 per cent that believed abortion should be legal only in limited cases and 11 per cent believe it should be completely illegal.

Another poll by Estymator, found that 67 per cent support the existing law, while only 19 per cent want the country to expand abortions.

The announcement in Poland comes just days after Honduras initially approved a bill that will make it virtually impossible to legalise abortion in their country too.

Pro-life advocates are active in Poland, working to educate people about unborn babies’ value and support them and their families.

Polish health officials reported that in 2019 some 1,100 abortions took place. Thankfully, this ruling will now ultimately save hundreds more babies’ lives.

Unborn babies with disabilities have been discriminated against at an alarming rate, and this deadly global-wide discrimination is getting worse with advances in prenatal testing.

A report in the European Journal of Human Genetics found the number of these babies dropped by 54% since the non-invasive prenatal screening tests became available about a decade ago.

New parents frequently report feeling pressured to abort unborn babies with Down syndrome and other disabilities. One mom recently told the BBC that she was pressured to abort her unborn daughter 15 times, including right up to the moment of her baby’s birth.

Another mother from Brooklyn, New York said doctors tried to convince her to abort her unborn son for weeks before they took no for an answer.

Precious Life have taken solace from Poland’s latest pro-life success as they continue praying and campaigning in Northern Ireland to overturn the extreme abortion law which came into force in March 2020


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