Amazing "pro-life" car commercial

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A commercial by TOYOTA, broadcast during the 2021 American Superbowl, didn't even mention a car. 

Instead, it told the powerful story of an unsinkable spirit - Jessica Long. From double amputee to Paralympic gold medalist champion, Jessica Long shows there is hope and strength in all of us. 

Her adoptive parents are told that a baby girl has been found for them. But she is inSiberiaand was born with a rare condition. The baby's legs will need to be amputated. The parents are told, "I know this is difficult to hear ...her life, it won't be easy.

On hearing this, the adoptive parents have a choice - to still adopt Jessica - or to reject Jessica because of all the difficulties, suffering and hardships it may bring. 

But the mother's response is profound - "It might not be easy but'll be amazing!" 


Even though the ad isn't about a baby in the womb diagnosed with a condition that will make life difficult, it's still the same issue. 

Many parents who receive such a diagnosis are encouraged to abort their unborn baby because "life won't be easy." 

This beautiful advertisement shows that choosing life for these special babies - even when it might not be easy - is always the best choice. 

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