NI Department of Health acknowledge the "unborn baby in the womb"

  • NI Department of Health acknowledge the

Does the Department of Health follow their own slogan : "...protect those most vulnerable" ???

An information leaflet advising pregnant women not to get the COVID19 vaccine has been issued by the Northern Ireland Department of Health and HSC (Health and Social Care/Public Health Agency)

The leaflet states - "...The vaccines have not yet been tested in pregnancy, so until more information is available, those who are pregnant should not routinely have this vaccine..."

The leaflet also states that the vaccines "...cannot infect the person being vaccinated or an unborn baby in the womb."

This is the same Department of Health that has admitted it has carried out 1091 abortions since March 2020. That's approximately 100 abortions per month.



If the Department of Health can acknowledge what effect the COVID19 vaccine may or may not have on an unborn baby in the womb, then the DoH must be consistent and also acknowledge what effect abortion has on an unborn baby in the womb.

There is only one effect abortion has on an unborn baby in the womb - it KILLS the unborn baby. 

And abortion has devastating effects on women - physically, emotionally, and even death!

"Protect those most vulnerable"

So until the Department of Health issue a leaflet with all the information on the effects abortion has on a pregnant woman and her unborn baby in the womb - then there are hypocrites to have this leaflet about protecting pregnant women and unborn babies from the COVID19 vaccine.

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