Abortion concerns prompt US archdiocese warning on vaccine

  • Abortion concerns prompt US archdiocese warning on vaccine

Catholic leaders in New Orleans and St. Louis are advising Catholics that the COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson is “morally compromised” because it's produced using cell lines developed from aborted babies

Johnson & Johnson did not disputing the church officials' contention that an abortion-derived cell line is used in the production.

The Archdiocese statements renewed religious discussions about the vaccine and the use of abortion-derived cells.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland, Precious Life has been inundated with phone calls requesting the group's information leaflet exposing the use of cell-lines from aborted babies in COVID-19 vaccines. All the currently available vaccines are morally compromised because they were all tested on, produced using, or contain, cell-lines from babies killed by abortion.

Due to the high demand, the leaflet has been updated and thousands more reprinted.

The updated leaflet can be viewed here...

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