• "The end does not justify the means" - Catechism of the Catholic Church

    "The end does not justify the means" - Catechism of the Catholic Church

    Many Bishops’ conferences, individual bishops, priests. and even the Vatican, have said that because there is no alternative 'ethical' vaccine for COVID-19, then it would be morally permissible for Catholics to receive vaccines made from the cell lines of aborted babies. 

    But what does the Catechism of the Catholic Church say...?

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  • URGENT - Research Before Receiving COVID Vaccine

    URGENT - Research Before Receiving COVID Vaccine

    This article will provide a brief review of some of the research regarding serious concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines. Please consider this research carefully before deciding to receive the vaccine yourself, and before advocating that the vaccine be imposed on children or vulnerable adults. Please consult the references at the end of this article to read the full research articles cited.

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  • Your Guide to Responding to the NIO's Public Consultation

    Your Guide to Responding to the NIO's Public Consultation


     No compromise is acceptable when it comes to protecting unborn babies!  

    At midnight on Tuesday 22 October 2019, Europe’s most cruel and extreme abortion legislation was undemocratically foisted on the people of Northern Ireland. All legal protection for Northern Ireland unborn children was stripped away through the actions of a draconian Westminster government who do not represent the prolife views of the people of N, Ireland or their elected representatives. Then on the 4th November 2019 the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) launched a public consultation with the view of shaping new regulations to be introduced by 31st March 2020. Faced with the horrific prospect of one of the most liberal abortion regimes in the world, some people may be advised or tempted to agree to some regulations and time limits on abortion, with the hope of reducing the numbers of abortions taking place. However, when responding to this crucial consultation, it is paramount that we remember that every single unborn child has the inherent right to life and each and every abortion is a brutal violation of the precious gift of life. The right to life of the unborn child is widely recognised in international human rights law, including the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which recognises every child’s ‘inherent right to life’ ‘without discrimination of any kind.’ This declaration states ‘the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.’

    A humane and civilized must never bargain with the lives of prenatal babies in the womb – and we must take a stand, and send out a clear message: “Life from conception – no exception!”

    Answering the questions 

    The consultation consists of 15 questions. This guidance provides background information on the first 14 questions and advice on how to respond to each but these suggestions are only intended to provide a starting point and a framework for your own points. The final question asks for additional comments and we would encourage you to make use of this to expand on your thoughts and personalise your submission. We must keep in mind that in previous instances, officials and MPs have tried to minimise opposition to government proposals around the issue of abortion by counting large numbers of similar pro-life submissions as a single contribution. Personalising and differentiating entries will help to avoid this.

    For the ‘yes or no’ element of questions mark the ‘No’ box for each with the exception of questions 10 and 12. These are the only questions where a positive answer is appropriate.

    Closing date: The closing date for submissions is 11.45 pm, 16 December, 2019. Please respond to this vital consultation and encourage other like-minded people to do the same. This is the only opportunity we have been given from the government to make our views known on the introduction of this catastrophic and anti-democratic abortion regime.

    You can complete the consultation online at: https://

    Alternatively, completed consultations can also be sent by post to:

    Abortion Consultation,

    Northern Ireland Office,

    Stormont House,

    Stormont Estate,

     Belfast BT4 3SH.

     Alternatively, it can be sent as an email attachment to:

    If you need further assistance in completing your submission, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Get in touch by calling 028 9027 8484 or email

    Please find our guide to answering the questions attached.

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  • Vote for Life leaflet

    Vote for Life leaflet

    What must I do to stop the killing of unborn babies?

    Before you vote on 12th December, contact the candidates in your constituency and demand that, if elected, they will do everything to REPEAL Section 9 of the NI Executive Formation Act 2019 and RESTORE full legal protection for all unborn babies in Northern Ireland. If a candidate will not make this promise, then they cannot be considered a suitable candidate for Parliament, no matter how appealing their other policies may be. If a candidate is unwilling to protect the right to life of a little unborn baby, how will they respect YOUR rights?

    REMEMBER - without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless!
    There are many ways to contact your candidates: phone; email; sending letters; Facebook; Twitter; and visiting their Constituency Offices.

    For the candidates’ contact details, see the inside page - “What are the Parties’ views on abortion?” or contact Precious Life for further details - 028 9027 8484 /
    You can also help the “VOTE for Life”Campaign by distributing more leaflets to your family, friends, church, and community. Contact Precious Life to request more leaflets!

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  • Abortion? Not in Our Name PETITION Postcards

    Abortion? Not in Our Name PETITION Postcards

    These crucial petitions give you, the people of Northern Ireland, a voice to stand against Westminster's cruel and extreme abortion law. Print, sign and share today!

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