• March for Their Lives A4 Poster

    March for Their Lives A4 Poster

    Help us promote the upcoming March for Their Lives in BELFAST on 7th September! This is YOUR chance to be a public witness against Westminster's horrific abortion Act. Help us get the word out today by putting up posters in your area!

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  • Vote Pro-Life leafet

    Vote Pro-Life leafet

    Check out our brand new #voteprolife leaflet for the upcoming European elections on Thursday 23rd May. We are imploring you all to #makeyourvotecount by #votingprolife! Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland where unborn children are still protected in law.

    Call us on 028 9027 8484 to get a batch for your area! 

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  • Lobby for Life leaflet

    Lobby for Life leaflet

    Tell your politicians..."Every person, irrespective of stage of development; abilities; disabilities; or circumstance of conception; has an intrinsic value and dignity which ground his or her right to life, and must be protected in law, policy and practise in Northern Ireland."


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  • Did you know? information leaflet

    Did you know? information leaflet

    Did you know?… a society that tolerates abortion maintains a set of double standards concerning the humanity of unborn children. A child who is “wanted” is treated with respect and care while a child who is destined to be aborted is treated as a disposable object. While tiny premature babies are receiving expensive state-of-the-art care to save their lives, there are unborn babies of the same age being killed by abortion.

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  • Stanton Healthcare Belfast Leaflet

    Stanton Healthcare Belfast Leaflet

    Stanton Healthcare Belfast are here for you. We provide women in unintended pregnancies with the practical help, support and love needed throughout and after pregnancy. Find out more about Stanton and our services in this leaflet.

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